Dienstag, Februar 2

7:16 AM Art is one of my favorite topics to talk about! I don't know everything about it, but I'm an art nerd and I like to get to know new creative talents and visionaries. Usually, I would sit down and read a book about anything dealing with art and that's how I get to know the artist. But when it comes to newcomers...the internet is a great help. Most of my current art inspirations come from Instagram (oh boy...). Sounds weird, but nowadays it's the best platform to present your art or whatever you do - you reach out to many people out there!

It takes a little bit to really find a special artist in this internet land, but once you found someone, make sure to support and show love! This is why I want to show love to one special artist today: Kot Bonkers. Follow this young lady on Instagram and make sure to check out her Tumblr page. Good work, Kot, keep going! Who's your favorite artist right now? Any tips and recommendations? 

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