Freitag, Februar 5

3:23 AM New York is like a book which always teaches me the most important lessons. No matter how often I spend my time there, I will always learn something new. One important thing which I learned in NYC is time management. I'm super grateful for that and learning and knowing about it, helped me structure my life in a totally different way. Yeah, I know you could actually say that we Germans are super punctual and we are the ones who know about time in general. But a couple of years ago, I never really noticed that I wasted so many hours and I was super happy with my chaotic days. I even refused to sleep, because I didn't care about it.

When I went to NYC by myself, my plan was to get to know me better and I was able to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I stayed in Midtown and when I entered my hotel room, the first thing I noticed was my fridge, which was standing in the middle of the room, right in front of the window. Since there was no couch and only a bed, I used my fridge as a couch and I sat on it to observe the outside. The cabs and the noisy crowds always inspired me and I love watching this scenery. That's why I knew right away that my fridge will be my favorite place to stay at in my room. 

After having a super bad jet lag, I woke up at 4:30 and I didn't know what to do with myself. I actually imagined to sleep long and then grab my camera to see the world...Unfortunately, I was up, it was dark outside and I was too tired to do anything. I looked at my fridge and decided to breakfast first...maybe I know what to do afterwards. After eating I changed my location from the bed to on top of my fridge. Slowly the sun came up and I decided to watch it and listen to some music. I sat there and observed. I remember I listened to Kendrick Lamar's "Sing About Me" and I fell asleep - just for a few minutes. I woke up, still on top of the fridge, and I checked the time: 7 something. My first thought was "damn, those minutes closing my eyes was better than my whole sleep last night." My second thought was "7 something? Oh boy, I need to wait three more hours to really experience the outside world." In that moment I was pretty German and I thought about how I act at home. Some stores open late, only workers or school kids leave the house super early...but there's no street life to witness in the morning. "Wake up!, I told myself, you are in NYC." Why shall I waste my time sitting on top of this fridge, when I can go outside and breathe American air and watch people hustle early in the morning?! I got dressed and I grabbed my camera. First thing I noticed outside was: dogs and runners everywhere. Every corner was busy already...I thought I was too late. I was glad to be outside to watch all the people and I was happy to just be! Being a part of the city life is so much better than sitting in your room...waiting for things to happen! Not good! 

After this day, I came back to my room with a big smile and a bag from Wendy's of course. While I was enjoying my Bacon Cheeseburger, I planned the next day. I knew I didn't want to waste more hours, so I tried to plan as much as I can. I loved to learn writing to-do-lists which is a habit I continue doing today! 

The next day, I woke up at 4:30 again and something inside of me was crying and I was pissed. I planned to wake up early, but not again at 4:30...What did I do? I did the same things I did the day before: breakfast, fridge session, get dressed and hit the streets. At the end of the day I was a bit bored, but it was snowing so I decided to stay inside and watch the snow for a little bit. I sat on my fridge and I meditated for a couple of minutes. I turned on some music and I reflected about my day and what I have experienced. When I went to bed, I noticed that I was pretty relaxed and it feels like this meditating does something good to me! 

I said to myself "I am happy about the time here and not one second made me mad or unhappy." Yes, the 4:30 routine is weird, but actually it was the best thing that happened to me...So what was my conclusion? I decided to wake up every morning at 4:30 (even when my jet lag was gone) and I will sit on my fridge every morning and evening. I will connect with myself and at the same time I'm looking at those great NYC buildings while the cabs honk melodies which make my heart beat faster. 

After my time in NYC, I was not ready to leave this routine behind...I took it home and I continued most of the things. Walking through different districts, streets and people, helped me learning a lot about myself, but also about life in general. We are here to learn and grow and this is definitely what I needed to learn. I am not here to waste my time. I want to be aware and I want to enjoy every minute. This new structure can change a lot or just a tiny bit - it's up to you! Every second is precious, so are you! Put yourself on top of everything and think about what really matters to you! Do something good and treat your body! What I'm trying to say is that this post should open your eyes a bit. People suffer so much, they are unhappy and they don't know what to do with themselves. Take care about yourself...Have a conversation with you and learn or find out what you need. Structure your daily and you will see that this is a benefit for you, your life, your body, the world around you and the universe,...

There is no reason to be unhappy. SMILE MORE. It's for free, it doesn't hurt and it puts you in the greatest mood ever!

EAT YOUR have to watch the details! When I saw this graffiti, I was like "hell yeah!". This message is so easy and yet it's true! Take care of yourself, treat your body and feel good!

GO FOR A WALK. Experience city life. Check out your neighborhood or just hang out at the supermarket where you hear the latest gossip! I love being at the supermarket, since it always inspires me somehow (don't ask me...haha). Find places which make you happy! Let your brain breathe for a little bit.

One thing which I appreciate the most about Americans is that they accept any situation that comes. It's snowing, there's a storm or whatever...they are calm. They accept it and they see the best in it! I don't hear any complaints or such! After experiencing Jonas recently, I got back home and we had such a great weather here in Germany. Unfortunately, I could hear people complain all day long: they want Spring to be here...although we are actually experiencing Spring temperatures. This always makeS me shake my head, because I will never understand it. So I tried to teach myself: APPRECIATION. Gratitude...being in the moment and accept what's good and the bad can be ignored, because I can't change it anyways. This will save a lot of energy...only good energy for you! For us. 

So what can you do to have a perfect structured day and with this a maybe happier life?
  1. Set a time when you go to sleep and when you wake up. Sleep is important and we all need it!
  2. Every morning is a new chance to do great things, so treat your morning in a special way! That means start with saying hi to yourself and your body. Drink a glass of water with lemon to clean your body or drink a green tea.
  3. Reflect. This is a routine you can do before you go to bed or you do it after you wake up to remind yourself what you want to accomplish today!
  4. Meditate. This can be mixed with your reflecting routine. Close your eyes and think about the day...or just listen to some music while you concentrate on your breathing. It's up to you.
  5. Breakfast. Don't ignore it! Your body will go through a lot during the day so a basis is always important. I am a huge breakfast fan and in my world it's a highlight every day! If you are bored with your breakfast routine, try something new! Don't eat the same stuff every morning...create a plan and highlight some days with your favorite snack in the morning or treat yourself with a coffee or such.
  6. Sport. Is meditating not your thing? Maybe you would love to have a power workout in the morning? Sweat and kick ass for the perfect start?! Why not! Go running, do yoga or go swimming - this will definitely wake you up and help you stay fit of course.
  7. Shower / bath time. Spa day isn't just Sunday or a day once in a month. Every day is spa day. A shower can be pretty relaxing and your body needs a little extra treatment sometimes. Invest in masks, peelings or whatever and take care of your body and skin (especially during Winter). 
  8. Stay off your mobile phone in the morning! Don't wake up and check your phone first...NO! I don't need to explain that further! 
  9. Tell yourself some positive things about yourself. Motivate yourself and smile - it's a good day! 

Now let's stop talking about my personal experience. Let me hear your thoughts! How do you feel about a daily structure or time management? Do you have certain daily routines? I want to hear it all! ~ 
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