Freitag, Februar 19

2:55 AM My last challenge is over, but that doesn't mean that I will relax now! Remember, your Summer body is made during the cold months! That's why I want to present you something really awesome today. Nike created a series of two sisters, Lily and Margot, who love to challenge each other. In this series, we get to see two different types of workout attitudes: LilyNinja, who is very successful with her fitness videos and she is literally kicking ass like a ninja. And then we have MargotViking, who really pushes herself beyond the limits with sweats and tears.

The two girls create a bet, which says that Lily has to make three real time friends before Margot reaches 1000 subscribers with her own YouTube channel. Both girls are super energetic and no one likes to loose of course. Now we can watch LilyNinja having the struggle of her life, finding new friends and talking to strangers, whereas MargotViking believes that anyone can do those kind of fitness videos, but she will find out how hard it really is. 

I love this series so much and I wish they could release a new video every day! Until March 21st, we will get to see a new clip every Monday plus some extra inspiration. What I love about this the most is that we get to see a cool short film which is made with so much heart and detail. But we also get workout tips and we can look at the current Nike collection. I bet there are many people out there who are inspired by diverse outfits from both of the girls, so it's pretty cool to see how different tights or shirts look in real life, which makes shopping so much easier! 

Which is your team? #LilyNinja or #MargotViking? 

I guess I am #MargotViking. I have to admit that she makes me laugh the whole time, because I see myself in her so often. She's shooting her first video and she doesn't start with the beginner workout, she rather starts with the pro workout while she is lying on the floor and starts to cry and scream. I sort of started my "fit career" like this too and I love that Nike does not always focus on super fit athletes, because there are so many Margots out there who struggle so bad, but turn into a great athlete afterwards. We all started somewhere and the pain and sweat is real. 
Make sure to watch the videos right here and stay tuned, because every Monday we will get a new surprise! Thank you Nike for this great series!! 

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