Mittwoch, Februar 10

12:28 PM Another nice shooting with a very warm human being! I told you some posts ago that I find my girls in the weirdest way possible. I don't really remember how it started with Dahlia...I know that I saw a couple of pics of her online and after a quick chat, I was so happy to meet her! When I'm shooting, it's not really about the superficial stuff, I also care about the personality and I want to get to know the person I work with. Dahlia was so far one of my favorite girls and her being is just awesome - it makes my heart explode (also that we had the coolest milkshake date ever). We enjoyed a fun shooting in Frankfurt and I guess the weather couldn't be better that day! Get inspired!

This shooting was used for the Off Color magazine issue #5 called "The Visual". Curious? Check out the issue which only features pictures and visual vibes right here.
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