Freitag, Februar 12

4:21 AM No matter what - this is something which is totally trending right now: braids. Have those ever been out of fashion? Whenever I feel lazy, I love to braid my hair and give it a special look. When my hair is all in my face, I usually like to braid one side and wear the other one straight or a bit wavy. But in the current weeks we see people (doesn't matter if it's a celebrity or not) only wearing braids. It's not the lazy hair anymore, it's a big fashion thing now. How come? There are so many diverse techniques of braids you can wear and it seems like the fashion industry understands this lazy but chic look, too.

The Kardashians wear braids almost on a daily basis now, Rita Ora always has crazy braided hair or we just look at Beyoncé with her traditional braids. I told you that I always liked simple braids, also because they help me having beautiful waves afterwards. But now I thought that I might try all the different braid styles - today I tried the boxer braid.

Where shall I start? First of all...I never did such a braid before and that's why I had to watch at least three YouTube videos. Did they help me? No, not really! But then I just went for it and tried my best. After a couple of minutes I was done already and I actually liked the outcome. It's not a secret that braids make your face look tighter and you automatically create a focus on your cheekbones, which I like. I was wearing this hair style the whole day and after work and my workout, I decided to change my hair again, since my braids were a bit tight and my head was hurting a bit, haha. What I love about this look is that it's a super fast thing and it lasts forever (kind of). I took those pictures of me and when I looked at them I thought that it looks good, but somehow I do miss something. I don't want to say that it looks boring, but somehow there is a special "wow effect" missing. The boxer braids are really a cool thing, but I don't know if they convince me! I guess for a workout routine this hair style is amazing, but I believe I will stick to my one side braids or a center braid when I am wearing a bun to spice up my styling.

What do you think about this braid trend? Do you like to wear braids? Tell me about your favorite styles!  
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