2:44 PM I told you it's time again to start a new challenge. March is already around the corner and my body screams for new and exciting challenges. What about you? Do you feel like you need a little extra kick in your workout routine? Or maybe you are realizing that Spring is on its way. It's almost here and many many people already complain that they aren't Spring ready yet. So what's the deal? I did the Nike challenge during January and this month I did a two week challenge (#14sweatstovalentine) where I practiced kickboxing.

In December I did a yoga challenge for 24 days and for March I decided to go stretch that a little bit. Not two weeks, not three weeks, but 4 weeks! 4 weeks extreme sweating while celebrating the start of Spring.

Ewww, no! Before you say no to this, think about it. What I learned about creating challenges is that I need diversity. I won't be doing the same exercises the next 4 weeks and I won't do things I can't do, because then the fun and motivation is zero (I totally feel you). Next question: how do we create a fun challenge now? Think about sports which you like or you would like to get to know. After my last challenges I thought about the activities I could test next. My first idea was squash...I did that in high school during our project days and I loved it. Unfortunately, there is no place in my village where I could do it, so I continued thinking. Somehow I don't have an idea what I would love to do...and that was my final inspiration. I want to continue doing the things I love and the things I just learned. Sounds like a great compromise, right?

So here's the plan: #4timesspring will start on March 1st. I will do a 4 week challenge with 4 different kind of sports. The good thing is that everyone who is participating here can choose his or her favorite activities. It doesn't matter what you do, just make sure to do one sport each week and try to do it in the best way possible. This means push yourself beyond the limits and go hard! Do it like me and choose 4 sports you already know and you like to do, or you take this opportunity to try out new things. 
I decided to focus on yoga and kickboxing - two things I just started learning and I love and hate at the same time! The two other weeks will deal with swimming and running. Running, because I just started to get back at it after my little injury and I have to include it more in my current workouts; And swimming, because I wanted to focus on something which relaxes me at the same time. As a kid I loved to go swimming, but today I never find the time to do so! I am really looking forward to my week of swimming where I will try some boxing and running moves in the water, but I will also try to give my muscles some relaxing minutes.

I know the next 4 weeks will be hard, but I am so excited about this new challenge. I will start off with kickboxing and here I will do almost the same things I did during my #14sweatstovalentine challenge. Let's see if I can kick higher and how many jumps I can do with my jump rope. At the end of the day it is all fun and you shouldn't take challenges like this too serious. Don't stress yourself and try to see this as a fun opportunity. I already said it when I wrote my yoga challenge review...at the beginning I was laughing about myself, because I don't have a sense of balance and so I fell many times, but I always smiled when I landed on the floor. Anger or frustration is always there while working out...turn it into positive energy and use it as fuel. And when you notice that certain exercises aren't working, then drop them. Do something else and take it easy. We are all here to learn and grow! I am used to doing different challenges and I sort of have my goals in mind which help me be determined all the time. I am happy to challenge myself, my body and my mind again - each will be involved in my workouts and I can't wait to also see results. 

If you want to follow my experiences and feelings about this challenge, make sure to check out my Twitter account where I will post with the hashtag #4timesspring.
I hope I can inspire some of you out there to participate and be creative, too! Take this as a great start of Spring and challenge yourself - it won't hurt you! You are free to choose your activities and if you decide to join this challenge, please tag me wherever you want to or use the hashtag #4timesspring! I can't wait hearing from you! 

Sweat connects, let's sweat together! ~ K