Samstag, Februar 27

3:36 AM Another challenge is over and I promised you to write a review about it, just like I did with my first challenge (read about it here). After my Yoga challenge, I decided to continue with something I don't know zero about. A lot of my routines include boxing or kicking exercises, which is always a lot of fun, since it doesn't bother me as much as burpees, e.g.. I try to choose themes for my challenges which I can do easily at home, because you never know about the weather outside. The math was easy and I decided to do a 2 week kickboxing challenge.

Kickboxing is so good for your whole body! You will work on your core a lot, your legs won't be still for a second, your posture can also change a bit, plus it's the best cardio to get your heart race up. 2 weeks of kickboxing sounds like nothing...that was my first thought - but I will try to take it as serious as I can. For this challenge, I also used a hashtag on Twitter to keep you posted on how I feel and what kind of stuff I am doing right now. It can be boring when I am writing a huge text and people don't like to read a lot, but I try to guide you through this with the help of my tweets and I hope I can keep this review short and sexy. 

So how did I start? The first day was pretty easy and I decided to get in there step by step. I mostly checked YouTube for kickboxing videos and believe me or not, but there are so many great videos and instructions which is perfect for a home workout. I focused on my legs, but I realized that my whole body was kind of involved in this routine, so I started including all of my body parts step by step. I did a warm up and started right afterwards with some kicking, then boxing and then combining both...oh boy, here comes the sweat. I was sweating A LOT!! and my heart was racing so fast...I really underestimated it a bit! But after day 4, when my routine was getting better and I understood the moves, I started falling in love with this! I also had some days or exercises which killed me and I was in a really bad mood, because I wasn't able to do them. Sometimes I stood in front of my laptop and I watched the instructor doing certain things and I just couldn't understand what she was doing. I had question marks everywhere on my face and I got frustrated. Then again, I told myself to slow down. I don't need to do this in a super fast manner - I want to do each routine in the right way. Watch and learn. Watch again....and again and then try to do it in the right way. It worked out somehow and then I already reached halftime. After day 7 I was so sore and I felt that my body was working. My arms, my core, my legs, even my butt hurt. Pain is good and so I decided to add some extra squats. I love squats, no matter how much pain I have!

On day 9 I found my old jump rope, so I decided to include this for a couple of minutes. I bought this rope years ago and I never used it....Of course you can pretend to jump without the rope, but I totally forgot how much fun it is to practice it with a real jump rope! It was a lot of fun and I love a little twist in a challenge. Don't do the same stuff every day...spice it up, use different equipment or add your favorite exercises to it - it won't hurt you!

On day 11 I realized that this is the hardest challenge so far. I still had a sore butt and moving really hurt. Was I doing too much? Not really...usually I would take a break for two weeks when I am sore (haha lazy way to quit) and just wait until it's gone. Bla bla - who needs that? I told myself that I will do this 14 days and there won't be a break!

At the end of my challenges I always get a little superhero feeling and I believe that no one can stop me! My motivation was back again, super high, and I wanted to go beyond my limits. When I ended my routine with some frontal and side kicks, I realized that during counting I went over my usual number and I just went on. My kicks got higher and also stronger - the feeling of "omg how long? I can't do it no more" was gone! I was like "wow, and another one, wow, uhh!" haha, you know what I mean! 
One day before my challenge ended, I wrote: the body is tired, but the mind is stronger! I am really happy that I write my experiences down, because weeks afterwards I can think back and imagine how I felt. I love battles and I love pushing myself. I was the laziest person ever and yes there are still days where I am like: no, today I am a lazy ass...no nothing! And then one day later, I am like: shit, I need to do something, I should have done something yesterday, haha. And then I do a hardcore workout and I feel relieved (weird, I know). What I am trying to say is that I trained my body to be in "doing mode". Of course I am listening to my body when it's tired, but I am sick of using excuses. I did that too much and I let something else take control over my body. Since I am the one who is controlling my body and its habits, I feel so good and so much stronger. My confidence is definitely growing and this is where my mind is involved a lot. For a successful training routine, you also need to work on your mind. A workout is 50% the body and 50% your mind. Don't be 100% mind or 100% body. Both have to be in a healthy symbiosis and when you think or you tell yourself that you can't do anything, then rethink again. What does your body say? What does the mind say? Guess how people run a marathon? Ask a runner how many miles he is only working with his mind? Gathering energy, creating good vibes and push yourself with believe and strength. Think about that during your next workout!

On my last day of my challenge, I added a little running routine to shake it off. I wanted my muscles to relax a bit and I wanted to have an outside workout! Just like my last challenge, I felt like: this can't be ending right now. 14 days went too fast, but I already decided to do this next year again! 14 days is not a lot, but we can achieve much! We learn more about ourselves and we start liking sports which we didn't know before. This is a great opportunity to learn diverse sports and to really test oneself. 

Hows your sport routine doing? Are you doing any challenges right now? Tell me about it! I am curious to hear your stories! In March I will start a new challenge...are you with me? More tomorrow! 
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