10:33 AM Time goes by too fast and again I am packing my suitcase! On Sunday I will be vibing with the clouds and I say goodbye to rainy and cold days! Yesss! I won't be completely offline, but I try to enjoy my time offline as much as I can! In my "2015 favorites" post, I showed you a new purse that I got and I promised you to show you what else I got from Fossil. I told you how much I love their current designs and collections, so it was clear to me to get this little piece for my passport! Since I travel a lot, I always freak out when I loose my passport. I take too much stuff with me, so I never really find everything when I need it.

Each time I tell myself that next time I will do it differently...sigh. This trip will help me hopefully! I don't take a big bag with me and I organize everything a little bit better! Now with my passport holder, I will have a less hectic walk through the airport and thousands of security spots. How do you like my new passport holder? I guess some of you experience the same while travelling. How do you handle all of this? 

I definitely wanted to show you this little addition, but I also thought it would be cool to share a short travel essentials guide. I have seen so many different guides, because I wanted to understand why everyone is travelling with so many things, or why do people have a stress free travel and I don't. I compared my bag's inside and I realized that I need to start from the beginning again. First of all: please don't compare your stuff to any posts people share online. We don't need all of those things. The easiest way to plan your packing is: what do I really need? really, really need!! An example...on my last trips I took 2-3 books with me, because I was writing and drawing a lot. My back hurt at a certain point and I always asked myself why I take about 50 pencils with me - do you know what I mean? This time, I will relax more. I have a long flight ahead of me and I will watch a lot of movies, so I don't need an entertainment program sponsored by myself. Next to my camera, I will only take one book with me and this is also a thing which I wanted to do in 2016: read more in foreign languages. I bought a book in French and I hope I can work on my skills a little bit.

Also I was thinking about food and beverages...we all know that airports are super expensive and when you are hungry or thirsty, you can say goodbye to your money. Do we want that? No. So this time I will take some bananas with me which have so many benefits. You can eat them easily, they don't need much space in your bag, and they fill you up! There's no reason to go to Starbucks or other places (no hate - I love Starbucks), but during flights and airport stopovers, I always feel tired and exhausted, so it's better to help with natural food. No sugar coma, or fast food which makes me super slow. The more money I save in the beginning, the more I can treat myself when I'm flying back home! A new favorite is also in my bag this time: rice coconut milk with chocolate flavor! Did you try something like this? I am drinking the one from Provamel and I am so addicted to it! Whenever I crave chocolate, this is my little hero! It's perfect for your home, but also when you are on the run, since it has a straw on it as well which makes drinking it easier! Good job, Provamel!

1. Organize your bag: try to pack with a system!
2. No, we don't need everything in our bags! Think about what you really NEED! 
3. Bring your own snacks: fruits, nuts, energy bars - they will help you stay fit and you don't have to buy expensive airport food! 
4. Use long flights for challenges, be creative: read books in a different language, download podcasts, or you can also meditate - there are pretty cool apps for flights, check them out! 

Now, it's about you! Tell me about your flight habits, your routines or your essentials! What do always have in your bag when you travel?