2:17 PM I like to talk about a very special topic today, which is something you should not underestimate. First of all...I am super happy to see the positive feedback of my #24yogavibes challenge review. Maybe you read it, maybe you like to read it again: you can do it here. I talked about breathing a little bit, but I wanted to dedicate a whole post on this! Fact is that way too many people don't know how important it is to talk about breathing!

I was confronted with breathing when I started running. We breathe 24/7, but when it comes to physical activities, we often don't know how to breathe right. Why is the body reacting so weird to moving and engagement? As we all know, it is a process to learn how to breathe right and to have no pain during running. That's the same for our daily lives. We can't learn breathing tomorrow, but we can get there step by step! I remember my biology teacher saying "When you don't feel well, or you are scared before an exam, just close your eyes and breathe." Back then, I was like, yeah...mhmm. In school I tested it. My math exam was next...I didn't know anything and I started panicking...I breathed and I felt even worse afterwards. This didn't help at all! I would say 5 years later I have a new point of view and a lot of success to tell. Breathing is my best friend during stress and it helps me with so many things. Together with my sports routine, I started being more mindful and so I also tried meditating. Focusing on myself, heartbeats and my breath. The first times I felt awkward and I didn't know if it helped (I felt like back in school with my teacher...). But I told myself to not give up again! Maybe I'm doing it wrong?! I downloaded some apps and every day before I went to bed, I listened to different meditation sessions. All of them focused on breathing! After a little bit, I knew exactly what to do without any instructions - this is easy! Breathe in, breathe out! I created my little bubble and I feel free without any sorrows. As soon as I experience stress, I find a minute to breathe. I'm having conversations with my mind and I find out what's wrong with me. I'm still on my way to fully understand every part of this, but I'm glad that I gave it another try! 

Wake up tomorrow and start the day with a deep breath! Start a conversation with your mind and as soon as you experience something you are not used to or you don't like, don't think too long - breathe and let go! 
Now it's up to you again! What do you do when you are experiencing stress? How do you handle it? I can't wait to hear from you! x