Dienstag, Januar 5

8:38 AM I know...the new year has already started, but I wanted to share a little "favorite" post with you - dedicated to the last 365 days! Of course I love to shop and I love to add new things to my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I didn't really spend my money on a lot of things, since my money was straightly directed to my flights and little trips I took (the next one starts in 2 weeks, oh yeaaah). So what did I get the last year? I invested in awesome sneakers, I bought tons of things for my workouts and I guess that's it already. Sounds like nothing, but of course I also bought little stuff here and there, too. When I thought about my 2015 favorite things, I new right away which things make my top 5! Let's go through the things step by step!

When I saw the adidas announcement and Pharrell's Instagram pictures of his supercolors, I went totally crazy and I was annoying everyone around me, because I needed this shoe in my life! As soon as they finally dropped, I stayed up all night to get this green version and I also bought a navy pair for my mom! I really regret that I didn't buy more of those, but I could only afford one pair at that time! This shoe is really the best I own! Super sexy and always a highlight! 

I love nail polish and I love trying new colors and experimenting with them. My sister gave me this essie nail polish (thank you again!) and when I googled it to find out more information, I found out that this is a part of the bridal collection. Hmm...thank you again, sister? The name of this little friend is "tying the knotie" and although I am not marrying right now, I love a simple color like that, too! Once in a while, I need a little basic color like this and I am really a huge fan of essie and their colors! 

ICE CREAM!! Yes, I know it's weird to name an ice cream flavor my 2015 highlight...but good to be true! Whoever knows me, knows that I LOVE cinnamon. I love to put cinnamon in my smoothies or pancake - whatever I make, I want to taste cinnamon in it! Here again, my sister gave me the hint to try this ice cream! In Germany, you are not able to get every Ben & Jerry's flavor, so we are basically happy to have 4 or 5 flavors here. But when I got the cinnamon buns flavor, I wanted to cry, haha. You open this and you smell eat it, you taste cinnamon...and then all of a sudden you have cinnamon bun dough in your mouth. OH EM GEE! Okay, let's stop...I am getting lost here! What I wanted to say is: try it!!!

Last month was my birthday and this is one of the things I got: a new purse from Fossil. It's a huge highlight for me, because my purse was really about to die, so I was in need of a new one. This time, I wanted something with an awesome quality and a cool design. I saw this kaleidoscope design on Fossil's Instagram page and I feel in love with it immediately. I also got a matching piece from Fossil which I will present when I go on my trip in two weeks! Fossil's designs are really on point and I love to see their growth and evolution over the last years! As a kid, my first watch was a fossil one and I can't remember that they had such a cool bag and accessory department! Great job, guys! 

The last highlight is a bag I got from Reserved. The store now finally opened in Mannheim and during sale season, I got this awesome bag! I needed a bigger bag, something like a shopper, since me and my backpack are not best friends right now! My back always hurts and I wanted to have a little shopper when I want to hit the city. Also I thought that a little color wouldn't kill me - et voilà! 

*All of those products are mine! This is not a cooperation or sponsored post! You will only get to see things I love to share! ~ 

I hope you like my little selection! What was your favorite highlight of 2015? What did you get or was there something which made your year? Tell me! 

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