Montag, Januar 4

9:27 AM This shooting was a very special shooting and somehow it feels like I was shooting this yesterday! Again,  I cooperated with adidas for the Off Color online magazine...this time for the Dreams issue. The whole shooting was called "Serenade" and I wanted to show a person who loves to dream. There where many images where she is looking down or she is having her hair in her face...not because I don't like her face, but I wanted to create a dreamy moment. It's like we are watching her having day dreams!

The girl you see here is Huyen. Our story is a super funny one. She was the perfect person for this shooting and luckily we were attending the same class at university. I talked to her and after a coffee date, we started creating together! It was such a great day with her and I hope you like the result, too!

Once again, this shooting was used for the Off Color magazine issue #3 called "Dreams". Curious? read it here
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