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5:00 AM In November I sat down and decided to try something new. I told you that it's important to treat your body right and give it little timeouts once in a while. Since I am not the biggest fan of resolutions, I decided to make the last 4 weeks of 2015 super special and I wanted to challenge myself one more time. December is such a special month, so I wanted to enjoy every single day of it and since my birthday is during the first week of December, I said to myself that this is the perfect day to start with something which pushes me beyond the limits.

Before I started with the challenge, I tried a lot of yoga workouts, because I wasn't sure if I can do this 24 days long. Yes, some of you may think: what is her problem? To be honest...I am not a yoga fan! I discussed it with you already, yoga is so good for runners and also it helps you breathing better (I am a fan of breathing!). But then, oh boy...the first workouts killed me and I was really scared if I can do this or not. I'm not really patient to learn new things plus I don't have a great body feeling. For example, my sense of balance sucks and I can't really stretch much - is this the perfect precondition before starting a 24 day yoga challenge? Yes, of course! If you want to read my thoughts from back then, read this post

Now, let's start. 
  • Where did I get my yoga routines from? I researched a lot. There are plenty of videos on YouTube, but also many fitness blogs share cool and easy workouts. I decided to download some apps and I was surprised how many yoga apps exist! iYoga is my secret! You have to download this app! For beginners like me, this is really helping a lot! First of all...it's for free! In addition to that, you can do a 30 minute yoga session and you can decide if you want an active morning routine or rather a soothing evening relaxation. That means you don't have to do your yoga every day at the same time. Wake up and decide for yourself: do I feel good now or do I want to relax with some yoga after a busy and hectic day? I love planning and I thought that I might do my session early after I wake up, but at the end of the day I realized that I loved my sessions super late, because afterwards I will be rewarded with great sleep! 
  • How did my equipment look like? I don't know what people take to their yoga classes...I worked out with the things that I got: my iPod with the matching apps, a yoga mat and the most comfortable clothes I own. Prepare yourself to drink a lot! Somehow I was thirsty all the time and I felt like I needed to drink more. After a couple of days, I started my yoga session with a lot of green tea which calms me down in general, so somehow I could focus better which leads to a better condition during the session. 
  • How did I feel? I felt horrible! I remember the very first workout was semi good. I thought that I could never do this myself. "Hold this position for 1 minute" what? no way! I was falling all the time, my legs didn't want to move and the stretches burned! Since one is always over motivated at the beginning, I told myself that this is awesome! Let's kick ass and continue with this horrible something! The burning is good, pain will always be rewarded! I thought about all the good things which will happen to my body, but my demon inside of me also told me to just stop it. Why is everyone so in love with yoga? It's crazy! All of a sudden you reach the point where you don't notice that you actually like it. "Hmm...this isn't that bad", or "hey, this could be my favorite move" followed up. I think I am there - I can do this. Via Twitter, I was telling you once in a while how I feel and now I am going through all of my tweets again which makes me laugh so bad! I started tweeting on day 7...and I told myself to keep on pushing. You see, you can't be an expert after 2 days! Give your body time and try to enjoy it! No pressure and no negative vibes! On day 12, halftime, I said that I feel tired, but I keep on stretching! This is really important! It happens to everyone...after all this adrenaline explosion, you reach a point where you feel empty and tired! You push yourself, you sweat, and your muscles hurt. It's not because you are doing something wrong, it's because you are doing something! You work out, your body is your instrument and you are using parts of it which haven't been used yet. The body communicates with us and what we need to do is listen: as soon as it's too much, stop it, before you hurt yourself in a serious way. But as long as everything is good, your body will keep on pushing! When you feel like some workouts are too hard, try the Nike "Run Ready Yoga Workout"! On a rest day, this is THE perfect stretch! On day 20 I wrote down "still on it. kinda." You feel like you are running a marathon, but you don't reach the end. When can I relax? When is this over? The next day, I woke up and I said to myself "you know what? 3 more days...this is nothing! I can do this!" And then all of a sudden....day 24 was there and I thought that this challenge was too short. I forgot about the negative emotions I felt and I was surprised that I came to this day. I did it...amen! 
  • Did I want to give up? Yes, 2765 times! 
  • Was it fun? Sometimes NOT AT ALL! 
  • Would I do it again? Hell yeah! 
  • What do I take from this challenge? First of all, I love challenges! I want more, more, more! 2016 will be full of challenges for me and I can't wait to sweat! What I learned during my first yoga experience is breathing. "Umm, everyone can breathe, you idiot?!"Yes, I know, but did you know what breathing can do to you, your day and the people around you? If you know how to breathe, you don't have to worry about anything anymore. I'm serious...this breathing routine helps me with so much - I guess it can help you, too! 
  • Will I continue doing yoga? Good question. I don't know! Not as an every day routine thing, but maybe here and then! 
  • Can I do this, too? Do you believe in yourself? You don't know unless you tried it. Start whenever you feel ready. Check out your schedule, yoga should be an addition to your life, not your whole life. That's why you need to check if you have time before/after school, your job, or whatever you do. Research. What kind of yoga do I want to do? What apps exist? Do I want a guided workout via YouTube? Do I want a 10 minute session or do I really go hard with 60 minutes? When you made up your mind, set a date, get ready and just do it! Feel free to write down how you feel and what you are doing. A little workout journal will help you when you want to do it again one day and you don't want to make the same mistakes again. Also, I love reading how many times I wanted to give up (weird, huh?), but it makes you even stronger at the end, when you see how many times you wanted to give up or how many times you felt bad - who cares - you did it! This is something really nice for your ego, believe me! 

I hope this little review helped you or you could see how I plan my personal challenges! It's really not hard to motivate oneself - you just need to start somewhere and the rest will follow! If you are not into yoga, it doesn't matter, you can do those challenges with any kind of sports. Go swimming, hiking, running, biking - whatever you like! 
If you try out my #24yogavibes challenge, please tell me about your results! I would love to hear from you! Use my hashtag and talk to me via the comment section here, write me a mail or tweet me 140 sweet letters! I'm there to motivate and help you! x
Namaste ~

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