Freitag, Januar 29

4:53 AM Yeees, finally! A new challenge is here! I told myself that I will try out more challenges and since this makes my workout routines more fun, I will think of many challenges this year! In December I started my first personal yoga challenge and I was really happy with the responses and feedback I got from you! This January I did the Nike "21 better for it challenge", but with my vacation in between, I couldn't really do everything which dealt with the challenge and its exercises. Currently, I am still struggling a bit with jet lag and I am so happy to shake this off with a new challenge. A little routine which kicks my butt every day and makes my heart smile a lot!

I really missed the feeling of sore muscles (it's crazy to admit that I miss this feeling...). So what have I planned? When I think about new challenges, I want to push myself and try out sports which I don't really know well or maybe disliked. I told you about my yoga struggle: I didn't understand it and I don't have balance at all - so what? I tried it and I went beyond my limits! What will I do this time? I needed something which also makes my winter blues go away...I mean Spring will be there soon and we all know that Winter is the season to train like a beast! During the last months, I had certain kicking routines in my workouts which I loved the most! I am a fan of squats, but front and sidekicks are fun, too! That's it! I decided to focus on kickboxing this time! Kickboxing is such a great cardio and it does so much to your body! Kickboxing asks for a lot of energy and it's a real fat melting sport. It's not that I want to burn all of my fat, I just really want to sweat and feel good! It's such a great workout component because it actually focuses on your whole body! The core is important, you can use your arms and shoulders for boxing elements and your butt and legs will always be busy. Oh yeah...let's do this! I bet there are many people out there who will have a date on Valentine's Day and they want to look good for their other person! Join me and kick ass for only 14 days! 14 sweats to Valentine will be a lot of fun and on day 14 you will be loving yourself more (even if you don't have a date!). I will do 40-60 minutes routines every day! There are workouts on Pinterest and Youtube and I will chose every day what kind of killer kicking routine I will practice! Follow me and my mood again on Twitter where I will share my experience and I will also write a review about it again when I'm done! If you happen to do this challenge as well, mention it with #14sweatstovalentine and let's exchange! Doing this in a group is super fun - let's inspire and motivate each other! Who's in?
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