Dienstag, Dezember 8

8:36 AM The year will end soon. People already think about things and habits they could change in 2016, others want to be more active or work on their whole being. I guess we all know this scenario and we all have been in this situation as well. As I told you with my yoga challenge #24yogavibes, I start my personal challenge one month before the year ends. One thing I have learned the last years is that one shouldn't plan too much for the next year, since we all don't know what will happen. The more stuff is on your list, the more chaotic it will be and maybe you will be frustrated when your ideas don't work out.

Try to set one goal - a goal which is possible to achieve and I promise that the rest of our deep wishes will follow and adjust to this journey. Yesterday was my birthday and I'm super happy this year to say that I had the most relaxed and easiest birthday ever. I'm such an internal person and I always think and compare stuff. When I was little I thought that becoming older will stress me out and finding my own way will be the most horrible thing ever. But what can I say? Yes, I'm getting older, but hell yeah, I love it! I learn and grow and I am on my way to create myself. Sure, the last years were a complete up and down, but that's called life. I still set certain goals, but one thing I learned as well is that I will get there step by step and not tomorrow. I say yes to the world and I take new chances. Life is too short and we should all be happy and worry less! x K  
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