Dienstag, Dezember 15

9:07 AM My birthday was one week ago and I can't believe how fast time goes by. Today I was in the city to send some Christmas presents overseas and when the lady at the post office told me that it's December 15, I was confused and also a bit shocked. Can you believe that half of the month is already over? Christmas is there super soon and the year is already coming to an end. I also went to the Christmas market to film some footage for you and what I noticed was the people's mood and stress during this actual happy season.

I believe it's a German problem, haha, people never really seem happy, but I wondered why everyone is behaving like that even in the happiest season of the year. I agree that our temperatures aren't really feeling like Christmas, but we should all smile more and be happy to experience this holiday each year. If you look around, you see people running from store to store, buying expensive gifts. They carry 10 bags and they look super pissed or just moody. No happy faces, no Christmas vibes. I decided to have a mulled wine today, although the sun was shining and it was too warm. I looked around and I felt good - good inside. I mentioned that in the last posts already - I am a huge Christmas fan and I am singing Christmas songs for weeks now. What I said to myself is: I have to enjoy moments like this more. It's the same struggle every year. Those happy seasons pass too fast. We are too busy with work and we don't really take a break for serious things! I understand that life is hectic and we all need to hustle, but make sure to also treat yourself and your body. Take the coming weekend to relax a little bit! It's the last weekend before Christmas - enjoy it to the fullest! Go outside and visit the Christmas market...eat super bad stuff and sit at home and watch the silliest Christmas movie! You will regret it when Christmas is over and you realize that you were too busy with other stuff the last 4 weeks! 

*The picture is from my birthday last week. We love playing around with our little photo booth. 
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