Montag, Dezember 7

12:27 AM At the end of November I sat down and thought about things.I told you that I wanted to relax or treat my body more. I love challenges and since we only have 4 more weeks of 2015, it's time to enjoy December to the fullest. Also it is my birthday today, so there is nothing better than starting a new year with a 24 days challenge starting today. My running routine is pretty okay right now, but my workout sessions are a bit boring. I did #13days13nights A LOT, the usual ab training, squats, bla bla, but now it's time for something new. YOGA!!

No, please not. I don't know why, but every time I tried yoga, I told myself to never do it again. My balance sucks and I simply don't get it. That sounds like the perfect challenge for me. I went to sleep, thought about it again, woke up, googled it and landed on YouTube. "30 days yoga challenge" is everywhere, yes! K, you will have to do it! Do it, do it, do it! I said to myself...Yoga is so good for runners and now there is no turning back! Since the first week of December is already over, I will officially start today with a small 24 days challenge. I tried a couple of things the last days to start this challenge with a confident attitude. My feeling right now is pretty okay. Yoga isn't that easy, but I will be getting better day by day. Join me and try something new! December is so hectic and I'm always stressed out (you too?)! I'm not only treating my body, but also my mind and my world around me! Be one with yourself and appreciate every little thing around you! I will definitely tell you more about my challenge the next couple of days/weeks. If you feel motivated and inspired, too, please join my #24yogavibes challenge. Let's do this! ~ x K 
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