Dienstag, Dezember 29

2:23 AM I am not a beauty queen and there is still a lot of stuff I have to learn about make up and beauty! I rather like it simple, I never really put too much make up on my face, so I tend to bring out my favorite features, like my eyes or cheek bones. A few years ago, my sister gave me a Benefit sampler of "girl meets pearl" and "watt's up". Once I tried both, I was so addicted to those two highlighters, I guess I wore them every day! It's crazy to see what a simple highlighter can do to your face! A natural glow is awesome, but with benefit on, you feel like a diamond sometimes, if you know what I mean!

I believe that's why we love to make ourselves pretty...we put make up on to feel pretty and sexy. I totally get that! That's why my number one "feeling sexy" is my highlighter! Unfortunately, we don't have Benefit stores here and the stores which sell benefit products never really did a great job in telling me what things would fit to my skin and so on. So last year, I went to NYC and I had to go to a Benefit store to get real advice from a pro! This girl was too sweet and I have to say I love all the NYC Benefit girls! The best shopping experience I had so far! I could test all of the things I saw online and I finally got to see the whole range they had. After spending too much time there, I decided to not only get my "girl meets pearl", but also "sun beam" which is a golden bronze complexion highlighter.

What can I say today? I am using my two highlighters not every day, but very often during the week (it depends on where I am going to). You know there are days, where I feel like I don't want to wear any make up, because I am too lazy, and then I just grab my "girl meets pearl" et voilà, my skin has a dewy and smooth glow! Also when you decide to go out and you feel like something is missing - use a little bit of highlighter and your cheek bones will shine as bright as they can. What I also love about the products is not only the packaging and the design of each make up helper, I love that it lasts for so long! You don't need to use a lot, so one product will last a long time, which is also good for your bank account. I know people who say it's too expensive to pay 20$ or 30$ for make up, but you have to understand that you invest once and then you will be happy with the same thing for a long time! I promise you that!

Now that New Year's is coming up, it's the perfect opportunity to dress up and make yourself look pretty! We want to say good bye to 2015 in an awesome outfit and start as sexy as we can be, right? Sometimes, we all need extra glitter and sparkle in our lives. Invest in a great highlighter and be the highlight at your New Year's party!

Now let's discuss! Tell me about your favorite highlighter! Did you test others or do we share the same passion? I can't wait hearing from you!
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