Montag, Dezember 21

8:59 AM Some of you may remember this new category on the blog which is called "Run Around The World". I love running and I love exploring the environment around me and also new places I haven't seen before. Today, I want to share an experience with you which I never thought would be so great! It is Christmas week and I want to feel ready and good before the food coma hits me! Unfortunately, I am in the kitchen a lot lately to prepare diverse posts and videos and with my #24yogavibes challenge I don't have that much time to run. I asked my sister, who's always hiking, if we could go to Heidelberg together, so she can show me around!

Once we came to Heidelberg, I started being a bit nervous and the first steps were already killing me! We woke up extra early, because we wanted to enjoy the morning sun and we also wanted to be by ourselves without thousands of people. I was super happy about the weather to be honest...there is nothing better than those Spring vibes right now! The sky was blue and the sun was kissing our faces! We didn't really know where to go to, so we just walked until we reached a beautiful place which is a relic of the NS era. We spotted a beautiful stepped road and we decided to dedicate some minutes to our booties, so we walked the stairs. We did it twice and those stairs were awesome! Everything was burning and afterwards my legs were shaking super bad! The good thing is...I woke up today without any complaints! No sore muscles - my body feels so good! All in all we did a 10k hike and I am still dreaming about this little workout! Hiking is so good and it doesn't even feel like sport! Also it is so good for your mind and your whole being! The air cleaned my mind and I just love to embrace and appreciate every tiny thing which grows out there. The mountains, wild's crazy! By the way...what do you say about the view? Nice, right?

Also I was happy to wear my newest workout shirt! Thank you again, Beats By Dre! I was happy to get this little surprise! I will use it for a shooting soon!! I know....too many words!
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