Freitag, Dezember 18

8:46 AM I know this might be a bit confusing, but today I want to start something which I wanted to do for so long! The people who follow or read this blog know that I am a photographer and I actually did a lot of shootings with great labels and designers! When I started my first blog over 6 years ago, I basically focused on my photography and other inspiration for my readers. Back then, Off Color wasn't born and I was also busy with school and other stuff, so this was my perfect platform to spread the word. Now with Off Color, it is sometimes pretty hard to update all of my pages.

Not only my social media sites, but also my two Tumblr I realized it is too much! Every lovebird who reads Off Color should know about me...I mean all about me. Photography is a huge part of me and so I decided to post everything photography related right here, too. I always shared certain links for you to get to know my pictures and work, but I guess it is confusing for you too! What's the plan? I will update this site with all of my work and I hope I can inspire you a little bit with my creative world. The girls whom I shoot are no models, they are friends and people who inspire me as well! I love being authentic and showing real faces and real emotions. 

Today I start with one of my favorite shootings. I met Pam online. She has a blog, too, and I was fascinated with this whole being. Her face is so special and her body is literally a wonderland! We shot at her place, a really cozy flat in Frankfurt, where Pam played some Jazz to create the perfect atmosphere.With the help of adidas and Boy London we created a super smooth shooting and I am so happy about the results! Thanks again to adidas & Boy London...and thank you Pam for being awesome!

This shooting was used for the Off Color magazine issue #2 called "La Bonita". Read it here
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