Mittwoch, Dezember 16

3:12 PM Ohhh, how beautiful you are, dear Christmas season. If you ask me, we could have Christmas markets throughout the whole year! 4 weeks are way too short to try all the yummy food and treats! As soon as the first Christmas markets open, I am the first one who's trying a bratwurst or our so called "Glühwein" (mulled wine). My family started the tradition to visit a different Christmas market each Sunday which I love and support, since I can come around and collect great mulled wine mugs!

I love the atmosphere at Christmas markets and all those scents and flavors drive me crazy! This week I decided to visit my city's own Christmas market (which I like the most!). Here's a shot from my favorite dessert during Christmas season: a crêpe with Kinderriegel (a famous German chocolate bar) - omg, this is too good!! You have to try this, too! But enough words... Tell me about your city - do you have a Christmas market close to your city or town? Or which Christmas tradition do you like the most?
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