Freitag, Dezember 4

7:23 AM Time for a road trip. I have to admit that I never have the time to go to a museum to see an exhibition...shame on me! BUT when Frankfurt's Schirn sent me the invitation to this exhibition, I just had to go seeing it with my own eyes! We are a bit late, but better late than never seeing and regretting this! The exhibition is called "Hello, I love you" and the artist's name is Daniel Richter. Today I will show you the exhibition and I will share my favorites with you! I totally recommend this exhibition, although it wasn't a lot to see! I don't know if you know Daniel Richter, but make sure to check out more of his work! He is such a great artist! After the jump you can see some impressions and also a little video. Say whaaat!

I decided to wear my maxi dress, since I love it cozy at the museum! ~ This wall was so fancy, I just couldn't resist! 

I was really amazed by "Flowers of Romance" and "Der Schöpfer war planlos". Don't ask me how many times I walked past those paintings and I was just starring at them. I still don't have an idea why they caught my attention. Maybe the colors...the image as a total...I don't know, but I really love what Daniel Richter is doing. Another pro is that the artist uses the funniest names for his paintings. "Der Schöpfer war planlos" means the creator was clueless, or he also uses names such as "Happy man, the hippie man". But...please watch the's more fun than reading my words!

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