Freitag, Dezember 11

12:55 AM How's your running routine doing? I am so happy that we have such a mild season right now - no snow and no rain, so running is super easy and there are no excuses to not go outside! I love running during the colder months, since it is super refreshing and my body is getting hot anyway. During Summer I was a bit lazy, plus I needed to take a little break because of my knees. The last weeks and months consisted of a lot of stretching and workouts for certain muscles and body parts. I have to say that my #24yogavibes challenge is really helping me stretch better and being more conscious about my body.

Today I want to introduce you to something which might motivate you to go outside as well. Unfortunately, this little challenge ends on Sunday, but maybe this will even more motivate you then! Nike created a little city competition where Germany's biggest cities can compete against each other. Log in and choose your city (if your city isn't listed, choose one you like the most). Once you got your favorite city, go outside, run and collect your ks. You will find all the instructions right here - get ready and show how awesome your city is! I guess this is the perfect weekend motivation for some of you! Who's getting ready right now? Share your thoughts and motivation and tell me what city is your running city!
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