Montag, Dezember 21

10:13 AM This year I decided to make special presents for Christmas! I love giving presents, but I feel like sometimes I just buy silly stuff which made me think to do different things this year! Also we are all getting older, so we don't really need fancy things and barbies, if you know what I mean. So I sat down and I got inspired once again! This is the present I will give my sister (if you are reading this...YOU SAID YOU ARE NOT LOOKING!!! Shame on you!) and I know she will love it!

I like beauty things, but you have to know that she loves everything about beauty! I realized that there is something which is missing in her collection and that is a DIY something. I wasn't really sure what to do, since her skin reacts to basically everything! I decided to give her something for her body. A little treat which she can enjoy after a busy week when she's doing a spa day or such. I found this coffee infused almond oil online and I just had to try it! The good thing about this present is that you don't really have to spend a lot of money!


250ml Almond Oil 
(I used baby oil which is half almond half olive oil)
2 tablespoons coffee 
one empty bottle 

Heat your baby oil, or almond oil over a low-medium heat and stir in the coffee. Wait a couple of minutes and put the heat low again - it should not boil! Don't worry if it smells weird...that seems to be that way?! You can keep this on your stove for one hour (this is what the internet says...I did it for only 20 minutes, because I thought my kitchen is burning, haha, the smell was too bad!) Let it cool down and then you can already pour it into a bottle. I had a little help with my coffee filter - I just used a cup, put the coffee filter inside and then the oil slipped through it and the ground coffee stayed inside. I put that on my kitchen table and I didn't touch it anymore. After 24 hours the oil was ready and my present was done! I hope you like it, sister! x

If you wonder what the benefit of coffee infused almond oil will love it and want it, too, NOW! On the baby oil bottle it says that baby oil is good for adults, because it is not too aggressive for your skin. The coffee gives it all a bad smell (my opinion) but it is so good for tighter skin and of course our favorite enemy: cellulite! It makes your skin looks flawless again and you spoil it at the same time - awesome right? 

Tell me about your Christmas ideas! What are you giving your loving ones? Ever tried a DIY?
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