Montag, November 23

11:57 AM The days are getting colder and shorter, but still we run from a to b and hurry from one holiday to another. This week is all about Thanksgiving and then a couple of weeks later we are already celebrating Christmas. And then? The merry season is over and sometimes it happens that we rush too fast past all those events. I can only tell you that from my perspective...I am just like that. I work a lot, but I try to enjoy those special weeks to the fullest. However, as soon as Christmas is over, I get a bit sentimental and I feel like I missed something.

Time was running too fast and I didn't enjoy every second, you know what I mean? I just realized that this weekend. I was planning my birthday which happens soon and I realized that I need one day to refocus and recharge. After Thanksgiving, I will be offline for one day, just me and my bed, some dvds or vinyls, or maybe I will read, but I just want to relax and embrace the season and everything which happens in the moment. How about you? Do you relax enough? 

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