Dienstag, November 10

2:26 AM It's Tuesday and that means a new Tuesday Talk with new stuff to think about! Today's topic is something I have been thinking about a lot lately or actually all my life, haha. "Friendship" is something we all experience, but even in my mid-twenties, I still don't have a clue about it. How do you feel about that?

I can only talk about my experiences and I hope you understand that I won't be too private here. I just want to share a general observation and maybe you feel the same way! From kindergarten to high school, and then university, friendships and especially the concept of friendship changes.

As kids we were happy to just have someone to hang around and play with. Later, you experience all your first up's and down's which you gladly share with a person by your side. But with getting older, more problems come and personalities also change! Everyone experienced the huge change after high school - some people stayed in contact with their old friends, but let's be honest...it's not really possible (for diverse reasons...). I remember when I started going to university I tried to build up a new circle of friends, but I failed. I thought finding friends is easier when you are "grown-up", since I know what I want and what I need. What did I experience? I got more hate, mobbing and all the stuff I was actually not prepared of. I decided to ride with my solo club, but each semester I met new people with whom I chatted here and then. But is that today's friendship? A little superficial chat without actually knowing what's up with the person in front of us? We don't have time for problems...we got our own problems to take care of. Is that normal? I studied the circumstance of being alone a lot and I started to see the benefits in that, so I started travelling a lot. I met many people abroad and today I can say that most of my friendships are online friendships. Can I say I am proud of that? Or does that mean I have a problem? I am happy to have friends here, where I am currently living, but my heart is smiling big time when I think about the great people I met abroad with whom I love staying in contact of course...Unfortunately, those people live suuuper far away and in different time zones, so the only thing we have is Twitter, email or whatever. With my NYC muse I still exchange letters, because there is nothing better to show someone how much you care via something personal, right? Don't get me wrong - I am not dissing every online platform, I just try to understand how people define friendships nowadays. I mean...we are human beings, we need companionship and social contacts (no, not social media like Instagram). There are people out there who rather communicate via likes and comments and they are happy with this situation. This is really not what I call friendship - how do you see that? I'm really curious to read your thoughts! 
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