Freitag, November 20

2:50 AM Some days ago, I woke up and I couldn't believe my eyes. I talked about this already...all of a sudden, our November felt like Spring! The sky was blue and the sun was shining as hard as it can! I surely had to go outside and shoot new material, of course! Today, I was finally browsing through the images and I checked the outside scenery again: it's grey...dark grey and so cold! Mother nature is crazy, but I still wanted to share this outfit with you! I chose to wear my self-made skirt with my favorite CDG x Supreme T-shirt. Super simple and so comfortable! I also had to wear my thin jacket, because the wind is always there to remind us that it's Fall and not Spring! Those grey clouds make me miss the sun already...but we shouldn't be moody today, so I send you all smiles and good vibes! The clouds will move away, soon ~
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