Freitag, November 13

11:47 AM Since our November feels like Spring right now, I had to go outside and shoot a little bit! I actually wanted to post more Winter or Fall related stuff, but let's be happy and enjoy this awesome weather! I was out with my sister who showed me her great new coat and I thought I might check how her coat would look on myself. Don't ask me how long I'm looking for the perfect coat or winter jacket - I just love the idea of feeling warm and wrapped up like a burrito.

Her piece is a Spring or Fall version - definitely nothing for the colder days, but it's definitely a highlight, no matter what you are going to wear. To cut a long story short...I stole it for a couple of shots and I wanted to see how it looks and especially how it feels. I really loved the material and the length, but somehow I wasn't satisfied. Is everyone a coat kind of person? I feel like it looks good on everyone but me, haha. How do you feel about that? In the next weeks I will show you my great catch for the freezing days! You will love it! And now...happy weekend!

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