10:51 AM The day is getting closer...Thanksgiving will be here soon and some people are already fantasizing about the good food. I wish I was somewhere in the US, where someone cooks an awesome dinner for me...but there is no reason to be sad about, because I will throw a litte "Friendsgiving", too. Today I want to share something which I prepared already.

What is a Thanksgiving dinner without a cranberry sauce? Well, my mom cooks an awesome cranberry sauce for Christmas and I thought I might try it as well to impress everyone. Soon, I realized that I am actually not the biggest cranberry fan and so I thought about a new recipe or a twist to the traditional version. My result is a berry fusion sauce with a nice persimmon feature. Persimmon? Well, in Germany we call this little buddy Kaki and it seems like everyone is going crazy over this sweet fruit. What can I tell you? This sauce is the b-o-m-b! I appreciate you a lot, cranberry sauce, but this fella right here...mhmm. You need to try this!


2 Cups of mixed berries (I used raspberries, blueberries and blackberries) + some orange juice + 1/2 Cup brown sugar (be prepared to use more if you like it super sweet) + 1-2 teaspoons cinnamon + 1 persimmon

1. Put the mixed berries over medium heat and let them get warm for a little bit.
2.Take some orange juice and pour it over the berries, but don't let them swim in it - we only need a little bit of juice to cook the berries nicely. Wait a couple of minutes and stir once in a while to keep everything moving.
3. The berries are getting hot now and that's the perfect time to give them a special flavor. Mix in the sugar and cinnamon and keep on stirring.
4. Cut the persimmon and add it to the sauce.
5. Time to taste it. If you want to, you can pour more orange juice to the sauce or you can also use more sugar to get an extra sweet taste. It's really up to you!
6. As soon as the berries pop, the sauce will be thicker and ready to be served. You can use it like that, or if you don't like fruit junks in your sauce, you can put it in your blender and mix it until it's smooth. Taste a second time if you want to and then you are ready to eat!

Tell me about your Thanksgiving sauce! Will you cook the traditional one?
I can't wait hearing your stories!
Happy holidays ~


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