Mittwoch, November 11

12:28 AM Soon, soon, it's time again. My birthday is here in less than 4 weeks. To be honest, my favorite time of the year! I do not only love my own birthday, I love birthdays in general and I love the fact that December is full of party and good times! When I showed you my November favorites, I promised you to share more guides or wishlists the next weeks - now you know why! Since I am not a kid anymore, I don't have too many wishes...but I always catch myself when I browse through online stores and I think I must buy this and that, because it's my birthday soon, haha.

I bet you know this "problem" as well! I guess this year I will treat myself with some nice fashion pieces...or maybe I will invest in a great bag! I will definitely share more during my birthday week - get ready! PS: Yes, that's a cook book! I definitely need more of those - any tips?

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