Freitag, November 6

6:05 AM One of my favorite places in my city is the park. It's in the middle of chaos and busy streets, but as soon as you enter the green zone, it's nice and calm. Since the season change is happening right now, it's so beautiful to just watch the leaves change their color and some of the trees look almost dead already. Mother nature is crazy...However, this time I didn't want to watch trees, I wanted to sweat a little bit. I don't live in the city center, so I always bike to the city and that's why I have to have maximum comfort on the bike.

I chose my super warm tights matching with a beige colored Roses & Pines sweater. This day I wasn't really in the mood to choose a special outfit, so I thought an oversized sweater is enough to kick butt! A little stretch between leaves is really refreshing and after an awesome run there is still enough time to embrace the Fall vibes.

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