Montag, Oktober 5

1:48 AM The transformation from Summer to Fall might be weird sometimes...no it is weird. ALWAYS. Right now I am pretty confused since my closet looks pretty much like Fall, but outside the sun is shining non stop and it feels like Summer again. Okay, I won't complain, so I dress weather appropriate and just enjoy this moment. I borrowed my sister's dress, since I wanted to show some legs again and unfortunately I do only have maxi dresses at home.

I have to admit that it was not that hot, so I had to wear shorts beneath, just in case of the little wind outside! But as you can see...we had great light and it felt so good to be outside and soak every sunray! Also I am wearing my dad's old Yankee hat, since I am dying of homesickness!!! But my favorite part about this low-key outfit is my lipstick! God, I love lipsticks and I am happy that Fall is here so I can wear my berry lip colors! Happy Monday to all of you ~ 

I love, love, love this hat! Thanks, dad! Wherever I am, I am always dreaming about NYC!! That's a good way to have my home close to me, even when I am super far away from it. 
Also I am so into my Converse lately. People who know me and the blog, know that I am super into sneakers, but right now I feel so much weirdness when I am checking out the latest models. Since it is Fall, I have also cleaned my sneaker closet and I donated some for the refugees here in Germany, because they really need stuff! A few years ago, I would go crazy now and buy new sneakers, because I can't never get enough, but somehow my thirst is gone and I am happy with the things I got. I guess I'm getting older, haha. 

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