Dienstag, Oktober 13

2:54 AM Today I thought I might talk about something which everyone experiences once in a while. Luckily, I am full of inspiration right now, but I know people who sometimes struggle with finding new inspiration or it's even harder for them to relax and refocus. Let's talk about staying inspired. Picture via.

Not only bloggers, writers, photographers, or just creatives need inspiration - everyone does! Now we reached the season where many people out there get lazy or they simply get hit by the Fall/Winter blues. (I know this feeling). The secret is that you shouldn't allow yourself to be down the whole season! It may be cold and dark outside, but that doesn't mean that you should resist working on great things and create awesomeness. However, if you happen to reach the point where you need  A LOT of inspiration, I have some ideas for you to be fully charged and inspired again! Trust me, it's super easy!

1. Start simple and get a sketch book. Take it with you wherever you go to! Sometimes you find yourself in the train or in the supermarket and you get the weirdest ideas. Take out your book and write or sketch them down! It will definitely help you not forgetting things and also you can build on those ideas.

2. Refresh your work space to have a healthy and inspiring environment. Get rid of all the loose papers and try to only work with the things you need! A tidy place makes working more fun and your mind will love it as well.

3. Keep yourself hydrated. Start the morning with a glass of water or drink tea to keep your body going. Water makes you fit and being hydrated makes working super easy. Whenever you feel tired, drink something and you will see that this is good for you and your brain.

4. If you don't want to stay at your place and look at the same walls, go outside for a little walk. Outside you have a nice scenery and fresh air will make your body happy as well! Maybe you see people, different houses or creative things which inspire you - you never know! Always keep your eyes open!

5. What about reading books? Or checking out the latest magazines? Go offline for a little bit and spend some time with reading and seeing images or whatever you like to look at. Entertain your brain, eyes, and mind. (If you are not into reading you can also lay back and just listen to music or watch a cool film!)

6. If you struggle with sitting by yourself and not having one single idea, go outside and meet a friend. Sometimes conversations and other people's perspectives make you think of new things. Discuss ideas or work on a project together!

7. Do you like museums or art galleries? Visit a cool exhibition and get inspired from another artist. Your eyes will thank you!

8. Take a break. Maybe you can dedicate your weekend to some fun in another city or country. Travel and see new places, buildings, and people. Being in the same environment may bore you, so having this little alternation may bring back some spice and a lot of creative vibes.

9. Work out! A little sweat session can change a lot! Believe me! When I need to refocus, I go outside and run for a little bit. All this adrenaline and heart racing makes my mind super relaxed somehow. At the end of my little run, I always feel fresh and my head starts working on new ideas. Try it!

10. Did you ever try meditating? At the end of the day, try to take a break for 5 minutes (or even more if you want to) I do this as a ritual before I go to sleep. I unplug from everything and I meditate. I think about the things I accomplished the day, I feel gratitude and while thinking all that stuff, my mind gets super relaxed. Sleeping in this peaceful bubble makes the new day even more sexy! I wake up with no sorrows or such and I can start right away and create cool things!

11. I already said it, but sleep is also a huge help! Go to bed early and make sure you get your 5+ hours of sleep! Sometimes power naps also help you to refocus and get things done! 

Those little ideas are so simple and I can guarantee that they help you and they make your life so much easier! You can feel lost or down some days - we all know this feeling! But we should also know how to motivate and inspire each other or oneself. You can do it!
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