Donnerstag, Oktober 1

8:26 AM It has been too long!!! Finally I am back with a new "Sneaker Thursday"! Well this week's sneaker is a shoe which everyone is talking about right now, so I thought it may be the perfect day to discuss the design! I'm talking about Rihanna's first shoe for Puma: the creeper. I was very curious to see what Rihanna designs for the German label....and somehow I am torn between yay and nay! I totally love the idea to mix a creeper with a sneaker, since I love the look of a cool creeper. I saw them in England a couple of years ago and I always admired the stylish British girls who wore them to any cool outfit.

Now, after seeing the three different colorways of the creeper, I have to say that my first impression was not positive. The colors are pretty boring (black, beige and black with a white detail) and in general I think that the shoe looks pretty cheap. In addition to that, I believe that Puma or Rihanna or anyone who is involved in this project, could have designed a better lookbook or presentation. Don't get me wrong...I'm not hating. I guess I was expecting too much haha. What do you think? 
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