Dienstag, Oktober 27

9:07 AM Today I would like to introduce something new to this site. The category is called "Run Around The World" and since I travel a lot and I run many places, I wanted to share my favorite places with you with a cool matching workout outfit of course! Maybe there are people out there who run the same tracks like me...join me & let's run together! I have put many great outfits together and I can't wait sharing this with you! The first city will be my hometown, Mannheim. For people who don't know's a city in the South/West of Germany and we are the city who invented the car and spaghetti ice cream. Besides of that, there is so much more to learn about us and especially see!

I want to show you a part of Mannheim which is called "Oststadt" ("East City"). This neighborhood is known for Mannheim's famous tower, the great architecture, cafés, and too many students. The early Sunday morning is the perfect time to run here! You know the stores are closed on a Sunday here, so you will definitely find empty streets and you can conquer the streets all by yourself. I was lucky to catch some early sun rays and I enjoyed the silent scenery. After a little stretch I was ready to run...

For my outfit I decided to go all in black with my adidas Originals outfit. The rain jacket is perfect for Fall runs when rain or other unexpected things happen. You can't really see it, but I am wearing the matching shorts to the jacket, but I decided to wear long tights beneath, since the mornings are pretty cold already! A little highlight of the outfit is the leopard print on the jacket which makes me feel wild and so girly, haha. It's really one of my favorite outfits! It's super smooth and you don't feel it while running! The jacket's cut is so perfect and sometimes it feels like I am wearing a cape and I can fly. With my glowing Nike sneakers, everyone is able to see me, which is good for foggy days! I remember the people in NYC loved the color, haha.
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