Mittwoch, Oktober 14

9:43 AM I have to admit...this morning I woke up and I had goose bumps when I saw the dark and cloudy sky. But I learned to be more positive and so I appreciated this weird weather! I did a great indoor workout and today my mind is bubbling with many creative ideas. Also it's nice to just sit down and look at pictures which I took when the sun was out and kissed my skin! The top I'm wearing is a dear favorite of mine which I loved to wear during the hot Summer days. I got it from & Other Stories when I was in Berlin in June and I love this simple look with a sexy highlight when you see my back!

Whenever I choose to wear a whole black outfit, I make sure that my sneakers create a little highlight, too. What do you say about my bandana? At our little running club #RosesAndPines, we love to wear those bandanas with our initials - why not wearing it when I'm not running? :) 

I love outfits like this...some people may think that wearing black is not creative, but I think that I can express myself best when I'm dressed in black! In this case I can highlight other things which make the outfit look even better and special! 

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