Mittwoch, September 9

6:08 AM The last weeks I saw this kind of shirt in diverse online shops and I new right away that I will get one of those, too. Unfortunately, there are so many different designs and I couldn't decide which one I should get! There are bodies with this crossed lacing which you can perfectly wear with jeans, or simple shirts or long sleeves. After a couple of minutes, I already had four different designs in my shopping cart and the price was getting higher and higher, so I decided to wait and not buy it!

Some days later, I couldn't sleep and I remembered that I have too many black T-shirts and this made me create my own version! Guess what? This was super easy and you can do it, too! Take any kind of shirt you like, decide how much you want to show in the front and cut a v neck. Don't throw your cut outs away, because you have to use it for your lace later. Cut little stripes and sew them around the v neck. Afterwards, you simply put your lace through those straps. If you want to show more skin, you can also cut off your sleeves! It's up to you and you can be really creative with this little diy project! Have fun! 
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