Dienstag, September 15

10:55 AM Today I want to discuss something which is important to discuss, I guess. I think about this subject a lot and still I'm not done with studying it and applying it to myself. Since I told you about the #13days13nights challenge, I thought that this subject is perfect to discuss this week. Body confidence. How do you feel about yourself and your body? Most of us (especially women) tend to not like their bodies. People are comparing too much and start to hate their own features. Everybody wants to be someone else...

I can only tell you about my fight and struggle to accept me and my body, but I believe that some of you may feel the same way - maybe we share the same story!

As you can see on my pictures, I am a very curvy girl and I got a lot of everything, haha. In school I had a hard time with that, since I was only surrounded by skinny girls and people called me fat. After high school, my struggle continued at university. Girls, whom I didn't really know, told me to lose weight, since this isn't attractive. They were all quiet the opposite of me and somehow I took those comments personal, although we weren't close friends! I really thought I had to look like them...but on the other hand I never believed in transforming my body. I accepted my "weird image" and I continued to feel semi comfortable and 0% confident. I know that was stupid of me...

I talked about that with my sister, since she has the same body size! She told me that a.) people are jealous and that's why they behave like that and b.) there are people out there who would pay to get a bigger butt or boobs, so we don't have to worry about those things and be happy that we've got them for free!

I thought about that and I started to embrace my being. But that's not as easy as it sounds...until today I have a problem with finding the perfect jeans. My butt and thighs are crazy...wearing skinny jeans is a really hard challenge for me! Sometimes I'm still ashamed when I put on my jeans and I see that they don't fit...because of my behind. And then I start to be unhappy again! Weird feeling! This only got stronger, since I started to work out. It took me so long to accept my image and then all of a sudden sport came into my life and my body is transforming again! What the hell? I thought my active routines help me & my body. Maybe I get better skin or I can tone certain body areas so that I feel more comfortable in a bikini, e.g.. After one year of really hard workouts and running exercises I can tell you that my body is looking super different again. I still have the shape of a coke bottle, but my butt and my thighs are even bigger now. "It's all muscles and no fat" - that's what my sister says. I surely know that, but other people don't believe me that I am active and running - they think I am curvy and a bit "thick" because I like to eat. Two weeks ago, there was a dude behind me @ Aldi supermarket and he checked what I bought. He noticed that I eat healthy and so he started to have a monologue about my nutrition. I told him that I need this because I am running a lot bla bla and then he gave me the look. Yes, this "omg, no way" look. I turned my back and my big fat behind towards his face and ignored him. Is this really how we should treat each other? This is so annoying and I don't want to explain people why I look a certain way. I know about my look and yes I am confused too, when I see certain body features of mine. But most importantly, I finally start to understand how to embrace that! I know that I am working hard and this is the result of it! If people don't understand that, then this is their problem!

I thought about some rules how I can be more confident about my body and I hope this helps you as well! If you experience the same thing, let's go through this together and forget all the negative bla bla. We need more curves and more confident ladies, right? ~

1. I already said it. DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS! Yes, sometimes you want to have longer legs or more boobs, but you should tell yourself that you are special the way you are and there's a reason why we all don't look the same!

2. The secret for confidence is POSTURE. Do you have a couple of pounds too much? Don't worry about it! Don't walk weird and try to hide it. Hiding is not right - this makes people realize even more that you have a secret and you don't want to show certain things. Stand up straight and show what you got! We all love confident people! If you walk around like that, people will be seeing your confidence and you will feel better right away!

3. If you really struggle with your body or you want to lose some pounds because of pregnancy or other events, then start WORKING OUT. Sport is a very simple help to give you confidence. We all know this, I guess...you lose 5 pounds and then you feel like a new person! This feeling is the best you can get! I experience that every time I did a workout! After every session I feel like I am stronger, better and I can conquer the world! This kind of confidence is something we all need!

4. WRITE A LIST WITH THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOUR BODY. There are days where you punish yourself and you feel like you hate everything you see. If you feel this way, there is no chance to be confident and comfy with your body and people can see that! Sit down and write a list. What do you like about yourself? I bet there is more than one thing! Focus more on those features and appreciate them even harder! Show how much you love them!

5. It's good to focus on your favorite body parts, but also make sure to accept your body AS A WHOLE ORGANISM. Don't punish yourself because of a certain look or just because you don't like certain areas of your body. Try to think of the things your body is capable of! You are not your boobs or your arm. You are a whole being! Your body does a great job and it's good to appreciate this hard work! Once in a while you can treat yourself (your body) and say thank you for all the things he has to go through! Wear a nice outfit or do a spa day to relax and balance your system. Be proud of what your body did! An example. You go outside and run...while you are running you feel like you are tired, or you start to get hungry so you want to stop. A couple of minutes later you finish a great run and you say to yourself "I can't believe I did that!" - yeeees, you did that. You & your body! Doesn't that make you feel great?

6. SMILE. Smiling is such a great way to show confidence! It makes you forget the world and any issue you have! Besides of that you feel even happier when you smile more and always remember: it is the best accessory your body has!

I know that body confidence is hard, but we should all start working to accept ourselves! Life's too short to worry about all of that stuff! 
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