Montag, September 7

4:54 AM Who doesn't like snacks? It's the time of the year again where you feel like you want to lay on the sofa and just relax and eat this and that. The supermarkets start to sell Christmas candy again (yes!) and you dream about cookies all damn day. Then again, you try to resist and treat your body with good stuff, but something inside of you doesn't care and you just want to eat everything out there. Being a little bit more healthy is really not that simple. You think it's easy and you do the things which everyone else does, but you have to think about your own body first - your body might work differently!

Listen to your body and try out everything. After that you will definitely know what's good and what's not good for you! I am not saying that you should say no to all the "bad candy" (I still eat a lot of that stuff, too) - you just need to know what is good at a certain time and also how much can you eat of that. But now let's focus on this snack! 

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in London where I spent a beautiful night at the airport. Sainsbury's was my first stop to have a great dinner, but around 3 AM I needed something to snack. Unfortunately there was only one place open, but their food sucked! I already saw myself buying my favorite M&M's when I found Propercorn. I love popcorn and Propercorn's catchy look and the flavors really intrigued me to get some for myself. I chose sweet coconut & vanilla, since the store only had two different flavors. Besides of that you can also get sweet & salty, lightly sea salted, fiery worcester sauce & sun dried tomato, and sour cream & chive. You see their flavors are really special and you will experience a new way to eat popcorn! I opened the bag and the first thing I noticed was the smell: a huge vanilla and coconut cloud came out and I was so excited to try it! Believe me, the smell, the taste and everything else was just perfect! What I love more about Propcorn is the fact that the bag isn't too big, so you can eat the whole thing if you feel like it. Also it is gluten-free and made of natural ingredients and each flavor is under 130 kcals! Awesome, right? If you ever get the chance to buy Propercorn - do it, do it, do it! I hope we will get that great snack in Germany as well! Good job, Propercorn people! 

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