Mittwoch, September 30

3:45 AM Yesterday I talked about being more open to say yes and I shared my personal running story. From a little scared something, I have overcome my fears and I am happy to be active nowadays. I guess some people believe that if you choose to run, you have to run for miles EVERY DAY...this sounds like a lot of work and no fun, so some people stop thinking about running then. THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE!

First of all, you shouldn't compare yourself to other people and how far they run! Try to find out about your skills. If you run for the first time, make sure to do a test run. How far can you run? How's your pace? etc. Download a running app, like the Nike+ Running app, so you can analyze your runs furthermore and then you can start thinking about your own goal. Do you want to run a certain distance? Or do you plan to participate at a running event like a marathon? Everyone who reads the blog, knows that I am working on my first half marathon and what I learned so far is that those events really need a lot of preparation! You shouldn't underestimate those runs and your body! It is important to know that you have to relax a couple of days and also you have to challenge your body at the same time. But where do you start if you really don't know about running routines and exercises? Well, Nike just released some awesome training methods for any kind of runner. May this be your first run, or your are an experienced runner - you can choose your personal goal and download the plan which leads you to your goal. 

Here's the plan for the 5k run. 
Here's the plan for the 10k run.
Here's the plan for the 15k run
Here's the plan for the half marathon preparation. 

During the next weeks, you will find out that these workouts will push you a lot and you will work on your speed and pace. So this training will also be very interesting for you: FINDING YOUR FASTEST MILE. Don't rush over those trainings...take your time and read them all to find out what you want to do the next couple of weeks. 

Why I share this with you? Well, those guidelines have been a huge help for me to practice and find out about my running strengths. It's Fall and people decide to become more active again - so why not start tomorrow with the start of a new month! Happy running October ~
Share your stories and experiences with me! I'd like to hear from you!! 
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