Freitag, September 25

3:31 AM Fall is often a good excuse to not work out. There are days where you feel tired and you say to yourself that there is no way to work out when it is raining all day! I used the same excuses and at the end of the day I felt super bad, because if you are honest to yourself, you realize that you don't need to exercise the whole day - you only need a little routine which focuses on your favorite parts and that's it. In addition to that, you can stay at home and you won't get wet and cold. That means...no more excuses and start saying yes to rainy days! Here's my little rainy day workout for you! Sweat with me and if you are creative you can also add your own exercises if this isn't enough for you!

This is my little routine...all of those exercises are good for certain body areas and I think in total, these are all my favorites! (Sorry, I'm not a fan of push ups & burpees).

1. HIGH KNEES | 1 minute 
Run in place by bringing your knees up as high as you can. Move your arms, too!

2. LUNGE | 30 seconds each side 
Step forward with one leg and lower your back knee towards the floor. Sometimes you struggle with your balance a little bit, but don't worry that will improve after doing this exercise for a little bit! Make sure to find a stable pose and then return to your starting position. Repeat it.

3. SIDE PLANK | 30 seconds each side
I really hate planks, but after you did them, you will feel so much better!! Hold your body in a straight line from head to feet with your elbow directly beneath your shoulders. Now hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat it on the other side!

4. SUPERMAN | 90 seconds 
Lie on your stomach with your face down and extend arms & legs. Simultaneously lift your arms and legs up toward the ceiling. Pretend to be superman and save the world! 90 seconds may seem super long, but with the right breathing you can do this!

5. BOTTOMS UP | 1 minute
This is a perfect exercise to do in your living room! Lie facedown on an armless chair or couch with your legs hanging off the edge. Plant both palms firmly on the floor and squeeze your butt to lift your heels straight up to the ceiling. Repeat, repeat, repeat! Remember to point out your toes, so you do this exercise right! Your booty will thank you!

6. CRUNCHES | 90 seconds
It's time to lie on your back. Put your hands behind your head and make your elbows wide. Keep your heels together, put your knees up, and make sure to point your toes out again! Now bring your upper back and head off the floor and imagine you want to high five your left elbow with your right knee. Try to get as close as you can and then go back to your starting position. Again lift your upper body and this time high five your right elbow with your left knee. Repeat this 90 seconds and make sure to check your breathing technique as well!

7. TRICEPS DEEP KICKS | 1 minute 
Sit on the edge of your couch with your palms on the cushion about hips-width apart and your fingers facing forward. Walk your feet out until your butt hangs off the edge! Now bend your elbows straight behind you to lower your butt toward the floor. As you lower downward, lift your left foot off the ground, point the toes, and extend the leg straight out. Return your foot to the floor as you press into your palms and extend your elbows to lift your butt back to starting position!

8. BICYCLES | 1 minute
Sit on the edge of your couch again and engage your core as you lean back about 45 degrees. Extend both legs out in front of you off the ground. Clasp your hands in front of your chest and open your elbows out to the sides. Now bend your left knee and bring it in toward your bod as you twist toward your left from the waist to touch the right elbow to the left knee. Reverse your arms and legs and continue to alternate.

9. LEG LIFTS | 1 minute each side
Lie on your right side with your hips stacked and your head on your upper arm or propped up by your right hand. Extend both legs and point the toes. From this position, engage your core and raise your left leg straight up toward the ceiling. Bring the leg back to the starting position and repeat.

10. SPLIT SQUADS | 30 seconds each side
1 minute and then you are done!! Stand a couple of feet in front of your couch or a chair and bend your left knee to place the top of your left foot on the cushion. Keeping your shoulders over your hips and your knees behind your toes, bend the standing knee to lower your torso toward the ground. Press into the standing heel to return to your starting position. Repeat and change your leg after 30 seconds. 

This rainy day workout is only a 12 minute workout! SAY WHAT! This is literally nothing and you can do it anytime a day! I already said it...those are my favorite exercises and they are actually super fun! I try to focus on my abs, booty and legs, so I hope you enjoy this, too! Add any workout to this or do it twice for your #13days13nights challenge! Try it and tell me what you think! ~

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