Sonntag, September 13

5:56 AM I was checking my Instagram, when I found this: #13days13nights. It's a workout challenge and I was a bit confused when I read 13 nights. Hmm...I ignored it and continued scrolling and getting some more inspiration. I should mention that I am running a little bit more right now, since I am training for a half marathon, so I also wanted to step up my workout routine. I don't want to do too many active things, because the body should be happy during this hard time plus I don't want to be injured by next week.

So I need a fun and cool workout which balances my needs and expectations. The next day was like a deja vu and I read about #13days13nights again. Weird thing, but I'm glad that I saw it again. I found Anna and her Instagram and she also wrote a beautiful article about the challenge. I finally understood what this is about, so I joined the challenge and today I want to share my experience with you!

For those who don't know about my active routine...since my first 10k race in Berlin with Nike this Summer, I have been working out on my running skills and I always mixed a nice run with some cardio and yoga routines. I don't like the gym at all (I have never been there for 1000 reasons) so my workouts are always happening at home. What do I do? I go to YouTube and do workouts with Cassey Ho who does great workouts for every single angle of your body!
I bet you know this feeling...making the same workout every day bores you and you try to find new ways to exercise and get to know your body even better! Before I started working out with Cassey, I was working out with the Nike Training Club (NTC), but I stopped at a certain point, since some exercises were pretty hard and somehow I wasn't motivated enough to go push myself beyond 30 minutes. I'm honest...I always find excuses and I tell myself that I will do this and that tomorrow...tomorrow I will work out extra hard bla bla and then I'm in bed and I notice that I forgot something haha. But now that I work on my running abilities since this January, I noticed that I need a good training to find balance and to improve my running! Yes, cardio and other sports can help you becoming a better runner!

I sat down and checked my running routine. I started a 8 week program with my Nike running app & this program includes a lot of walking, running and resting. Knowing about my busy days makes it easy to plan the rest. #13days13nights requires two workouts a day - that's it (it's easier said than done, guys!) Now it's up to you to decide what kind of workouts you want to do. I decided to start super simple. My first days consisted of a morning run for my marathon training and then afterwards I did a smooth yoga session. In the evening I decided to go hard and exercise with the NTC app and do a 30 or 45 minutes workout. Since I am a super lazy person, I kind of did the same stuff for like 7 days. After the first week was over, I didn't feel any sore muscles and my motivation was higher than ever! My body felt good and I was super fit throughout the day. I was so surprised and proud of myself - thank you Anna & friends!

Week two. Since my motivation was on its climax, I said to myself that I can go harder and I can push myself beyond any limit - so this week I will not do yoga, I want to sweat my ass off and I want to feel sore!! I continued with my marathon training and did two NTC workouts a day. My favorites are "Total Body Sculpting", "Squat Party" and "Sweat & Shape". When the weekend was around the corner I decided to also go outside and ride my bike and right now I can't believe that 13 days are already over! CRAZY!!!

I woke up this morning and I did a simple "Tabata Toned Workout" and some Yoga - actually I ended this challenge the way I started it! My goal was to be sore this week and guess what - I am sore and a bit tired! I will definitely rest tomorrow and I will have a little 5k run maybe, but not more. To be honest, I feel better than ever and I am still surprised about my body and its skills. I told you that I used to be a lazy bug and I wasn't motivated enough to do certain workouts or exercises. But doing those things throughout 13 days made me understand and realize that I can actually do A LOT! I had busy days, but I managed it easily to workout and do everything which was on my list! I'm relaxed, my body is smiling and my brain tells me to go and try another round!

What do you think? Are you with me? Tell your friends about this awesome challenge! Anna and her two friends did such a great job with this and I bet they are happy to see that their challenge will be spread all over the world. From Toronto to New York and Cleveland and now overseas to Germany. Why not? If you want to read about Anna's experiences, make sure to visit her site and read her do's & don'ts.

If you decide to participate holla at me (@offcolork) and make sure to always use #13days13nights so everyone can see it. I want to know about your experience and your routines! I will start my second round on Tuesday, since resting is also really important! I hope I will talk to some of you on Tuesday!!!

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