Montag, August 31

11:18 PM Today I want to focus on a topic which is a dear friend and enemy of mine. I guess we all know what I mean with that! In general I am a very content person and of course there are many days where I am also not happy and I rather like to be by myself and not talk to anyone. I have to admit that I am a perfectionist and the older I get, it seems that it's harder for me to be happy sometimes. As a kid it was all so easy and sometimes I ask myself why it can't be like that today.

I went through a lot of things in the past which I don't want to talk about here and sometimes I really cursed being an adult or grown-up. Instead of asking myself why I can't be happy every day, I started working on my happiness. You can't wait to be happy - this is a waste of time! Being happy is a state of mind and so much more. This is only reachable through hard work and dedication. So here I made a little list for you with 7 steps which help you being a little bit more happy! It's really not difficult to be happy! ~

1. Exercise. Give all you got and let your frustration go. Doing sports and working out will make you feel so good and you can spend some time with yourself to create and balance a happy body.

2. Sleep. Who doesn't like sleep? Try to get as much sleep as possible! The more you sleep, the more you will have a really relaxing day! People who don't sleep enough, may react sensitive towards certain things and this is what we don't want! We want to be calm and we don't need stress, so there are no bad vibes around us!

3. Positive environment. Surround yourself with people or things which make you happy. Try to stay away from things which make you sad, aggressive or simply unhappy!

4. Plan events. Sit down and think about great things you can do every week. If you plan your days, you have things to look forward to. Plan a date with a friend, or going  shopping at the end of the week - no matter what it is, you get through the days with excitement and good vibes.

5. Positive appearance. Dress yourself with your favorite clothes and wear your biggest smile on your face. It's for free and it's so easy! Show the world that you are happy and in a good mood! This confidence will infect others, too!

6. Meditate. If exercising isn't your thing, try mediation. After you wake up, try to benefit from the early silence and meditate for a couple of minutes. Close your eyes and think about the things which make you happy or simply be grateful to experience a new day.

7. Remember. Write a happy list. Take a piece of paper and write down the things which really make you happy. Is it your family? Is it a color? Is it sports? Take your happy list and place it close to your bed or a mirror where you pass by a lot during the day. Once you are unhappy or you forget to smile, just look at your list and be happy again! 

With those little tips it is so much easier to work on your own happiness! Also there are great books which could also help you finding the right path to happiness! There are many ways to get to the goal, you will see! You just have to start and be brave! Being happy isn't that bad! ~

What do you think about this topic?
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