Dienstag, August 18

2:17 AM Sometimes there are words which don't really need to be discussed, but you want to let them out. Just talk about if for a couple of minutes - that's it. TUESDAY TALK is a new category on Off Color where I will talk about things that occupy my mind or that I stumble upon and think I'd like to share with you.

Everyone is looking for an identity and somehow it feels like people are getting more and more lost nowadays. It's the internet, diverse social media platforms or other things which don't really help us finding out who we really are. Why are we accepting internet standards as our personal standard as well? Who set the rules? In the past, people had certain ideas of the things they want to do or who they want to be. Today you just go with the flow and check what the world around us does. After comparing and stalking through people's lives, you feel you need to do the same or you basically say goodbye to your own dreams and identity. Achieving the things which you think you need to achieve as well in your life... but did you ever ask yourself if this makes you happy? I always ask myself how people can waste extra energy on building an identity which will be only hyped for a short time and also it doesn't get you anywhere. Or let me ask you...how does it fulfill you? There's a reason why we all look different.We have the power to do so many great things and we have the opportunity to be a better person day by day. Why don't we take this opportunity? Find out what is out there and try new things! I can only speak for myself. I have been there, too. I mean we all experienced this, right? I decided to not be like everyone else and it was the best decision I could make! Don't try to be like someone else. Don't waste your time, lovebirds - just be! 

Feel free to share how you feel about this topic. 
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