Mittwoch, Juli 8

10:19 AM Today I have something really special to share with you! This was planned for so long and finally I can show you my little interview with the photographer Mae Duarte. On Instagram she introduces herself with "dropped out of college but it's all Gucci...", and you will notice really fast that this sweetheart is such a cool girl! Mae's style is super refreshing and she is definitely not like the other shooters. Get to know her and make sure to visit her website and follow her everywhere!

Tell us something about yourself. What shall we know about you? I'm Mae and I am a super down to earth girl that always wants to have fun and just live life! 

How did you get started with your camera? My father actually gave me my first 35mm camera when I was three years young and since that day I've always had a camera on me wherever I go!

What camera do you use? I have sooo many different cameras, I love collecting them. But my two main cameras that I always take with me to shoots are my canon t4i and my canon ae1. 

Analog or digital? Both!!! I have a deep love for both. 

What does photography mean to you? It means the world!! Photography is a way to share your vision with the world. No one can recreate the same image and that's what makes it so special. It will always be a major part of my life. 

What are the things that matter to you when you take a picture? It is all about in the now. I love brain storming future shoots and I'll put it all together and have my model and assistants - while we're shooting we just come up with even more amazing ideas as a team. It's best to just use your space and what you have around you. Also I love catching candids - those are my favorite. 

What was your favorite shoot so far? Oh my gosh. Damn. I have so many favorite shoots, but I would probably have to say the shoot I just did. It was very 70's themed.

You are located in California. How much does this influence you and your work? Living in the golden state influences my work soooo much! I'm known for a real west coast vibe in everything I shoot and I think that's why so many people fuck with my work. 

What do you like besides of photography? I love shoes!!!! I am so obsessed with them and if my money isn't going towards gas or food, it's going towards like 2-3 new pairs of shoes a week...hehe. 

Are there any people to whom you look up to? I don't really have anyone I look up to besides my father. He has showed me that I can do whatever I want and be whoever I want to be.

Is there anyone with whom you would like to work with one day? My goal for 2015 is to work with Kehlani. She's such a dope girl. She's a music artist from the Bay Area and is now living the dream in Los Angeles. We have so much in common with style and life, so I feel like we could make some pure magic together.

Tell us about your current project. I'm actually working on getting some photos out to Vans shoes. I really want to shoot some stuff for their girls line. 

The internet is a great platform to spread art and personal work. How does that benefit you? Yooooo, the internet is so rad! I have met so many people over social media and than actually met them in person! It helps us connect with anyone in the world. It also helps getting gigs and kinda promote your own work. 

Where can we see your stuff? You can stay up to date with my everyday life and daily shoots on my Instagram @moneymaee and also my website & lastly my tumblr (my photos get hella notes on there so you've probably seen them floating around on your dash ;)) 

Where do you see yourself in the future? Definitely dripping around LA in my Mercedes Benz G-63 and working with the best in the media industry.

Is there anything you want to tell my German readers? You all need to experience California at least once in your life! Come grab some In-N-Out with me and we can take some photos and explore the cities. Xoxo <3  

Mae, once again...thank you so much for taking your time and inspiring us with your dope shootings! I definitely can't wait to see more from you!! 

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