Dienstag, Juni 30

2:45 AM Berlin is pretty much on the other side of the country. It takes me about 8-9 hours to get there by car. So I took the night bus to get there early in the morning. After arriving at 10 am, I had about 5 more hours until the event village would open. Surprisingly, you would not meet many runners in the city but once I made it to Tempelhof where the race would start, I finally ran into fellow starters. The run was sold out with over 10,000 (!!) women participating. Nike has done an excellent job! I should also mention that this was my first official 10k run, so I took my sister with me to challenge ourselves!

Unfortunately, the weather was not as great. But that did not keep us from enjoying and taking in as much as we could from this amazing opportunity. The organization and things we could experience while getting ready for the run were absolutely fantastic: we picked up our race bags, got our customized running tees and had different live performances e.g. Lary or Ikona Pop to get us in the mood for our run.
But there is more! Apart from different food trucks, you could also get your shopping spree on and get your stuff sent directly to your home, get your make-up done with the guys from NYX cosmetics or enjoy a massage prior to the race. Finally, after a warm up session that was hosted by some of the great Nike coaches, we got into our starting line-ups and started our countdown. Here I want to express my love for Nike coach Mimi! Mimi did such a great job!! I interviewed her a couple of weeks ago to get you guys ready for the run. In Berlin I finally met her and I fell super deep in love with her! Such a great spirit and motivation! Mimi, if you read this – YOU ARE THE BEST!!

I wish you guys would have been there to see what we got to experience. Just imagine 10.000 women on an empty air base lined up all wearing the same peach-colored shirt challenging themselves was breath-taking. This was more than just a run. It meant something to all of us. To some, it might have been just another race but to me and I bet to many more, it was a challenge to see how far I could actually go. Believe me I am a hater of being active in a collective - I prefer working out by myself and I wasn't really happy to run with so many people around me. But at the end of the day I was happy to do it! Some of the girls took this run a little bit too serious, but I am proud of myself that I was finally brave enough to participate at such an event. I have been running for years, but I didn't know that events like this would be so much fun! 

During the run (I was running with my Nikon...a huge mistake and super heavy weight) me and my sister were pushing each other, but there were also times where we both just looked at each other and said "Omg, no more step, I'm going to stop right now!!!". And then you run another mile and everything is good - you are happy! I bet you know this feeling! Then you just keep pushing yourself or you start dreaming of your favorite food you will get afterwards! I started to create my dream pizza and then all of a sudden you see a gospel choir singing and cheering to all of the runners. I tried to dance while I was running, but that didn't work out. I felt super lifted, happy, motivated and all my pain was suddenly gone (hallelujah?). Such a funny experience! There were also cheerleader, a dj and a band playing, so we always had entertainment around us which I liked a lot. Even the parents or friends of other runners screamed for everyone which made me laugh, but it's a really warm and good feeling when you loose your power or enthusiasm again. 

The effort you put into this was also rewarded by Nike by giving us a beautiful bracelet. Whenever I see it, I cannot help but smile and feel happy and proud of having made it so far. Thank you, Nike. See you next time. #WERUNBERLIN #BETTERFORIT

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