Freitag, April 24

12:13 PM Today I actually wanted to tell you about the health benefits of green tea...Some of us are tea freaks, others hate it! There is definitely more to know about green tea and I want to tell you really quick what you need to know! If you don't like to drink green tea, don't worry - there is so much stuff what you can make out of green tea and that's why I have three different green tea ideas for you - perfect for everyone and definitely not boring at all!

The good thing is that I try to create my weeks totally different, because if there's one thing I hate, then this would be routine! I love food and I love tasting new things! I remember when I started drinking green first I hated it and now I'm drinking it mostly three times a day. But still...there are days where I feel like I need to change something and then I'm looking for some new things to keep me excited, haha. 

Okay, let's start with the first green tea idea. 


Sounds good? Oh yes...If I could, I would swim in pudding. And since I can't eat chocolate pudding all day I guess this recipe is a good start to try something new! 

YOU NEED 2 tablespoons chia seeds + 1 cup almond milk + 1 tablespoon oats + 1 tablespoon lemon juice + 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla + 1/2 teaspoon matcha powder 

1. Measure one tablespoon of the chia seeds into a blender together with all the other ingredients. 
2. Put everything into a bowl and stir in the rest of your chia seeds. 
3. Place it in your refrigerator and also you can do this one evening before you eat it! 

Perfect and so easy, right? 

Here's my second green tea idea. 


Ohhh god! So good! I always hate drinking warm tea in the Summer time, but I suck so bad in making my own iced tea. This recipe is so easy and if I can make it, you will be able to succeed, too! 

YOU NEED 1 tablespoon of green tea + 2 cups water + 1-2 teaspoon maple syrup + 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice + ice cubes 

1. Heat water until it boils and let it cool down again until 180°F. 
2. Add your green tea leaves or maybe you want to use bags, it's up to you. 
3. After 3 minutes put them out again and add maple syrup. Let your tea cool down again. 
4. As soon as it is cold, refrigerate it, add lemon juice and ice and enjoy it! You can't make any mistakes here and you will love it at any time of day during the hot summer days. 

My last idea isn't something to eat or drink, but something I thought you would like as well!


It's a fact that green tea is good for your body, but also it is so good for your skin! So why don't we try this next idea and spoil our skin a little bit? 

YOU NEED 1 1/2 cups white sugar + 2 teaspoons green tea powder +  2 green tea bags  + 1 cup coconut oil

1. Open your green tea bags and empty them. 
2. In a bowl place sugar, green tea powder and loose tea leaves and mix them. 
3. As soon as everything is incorporated into the sugar add coconut oil and stir again. 
4. Place the mixture in an air tight container, store it and enjoy a powerful scrub - your body and skin will feel so relaxed! 

I hope I could inspire you with some new green tea ideas to keep your daily life excited, too! 
Try out those recipe ideas and tell me which one you liked the most! Enjoy ~ 

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