Freitag, März 20

10:20 AM What is your favorite workout? Or do you prefer going to the gym and sweat your booty off? Today there are more and more opportunities to say no to the gym and do your workout at home, where you can be super spontaneous and you can be by yourself. Youtube, e.g., is the perfect platform to find any kind of workout which deals with certain body areas or full body exercises. When it comes to those workouts, I have to be honest...I am super picky and I want those things to be super fun, too. So this week I want to present you a very cool girl with super fun and inspiring sweat exercises for you: Nicole Winhoffer.

Nicole is a celebrity fitness artist and she is also the new ambassador for adidas by Stella McCartney. For the 10th anniversary of adidas by Stella McCartney, the label teamed up with NET-A-PORTER and therefore Nicole delivers some dance-inspired workouts. I did them myself and I can tell you that those are really fun and you will feel so good afterwards. It doesn't really feel like working out, but also Nicole's being is a huge factor, why the series is so enjoyable. What I also love about this routine is the fact that it is based on chakras. Sounds good, right? Now head over to NET-A-PORTER to see the whole workout and try some of the exercises! You will love it! ~
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