Samstag, Februar 14

2:39 AM This weekend is full of love and that's why it's perfect to focus on a general lesson today! The lesson is "Love yourself". Some may think that this is boring, but please continue reading...those words might be simple, but they can change your mind, too! I like reading things like this sometimes, because it makes me focus on the important things and it motivates me as well, when I'm maybe a bit lost or confused. Especially when you decide to change your lifestyle - this might help you succeed! 

Your decision to have a more healthy or fit life is pretty good, but what's more important than being motivated is also to believe. Of course you need diverse things that help you succeed, but if your heart and mind aren't supporting, then it's a waste of time. Sometimes people loose their motivation, because they can't see results after 2 weeks...there are many reasons one can loose motivation and the mood changes from yes to no! The solution for this problem may be easy, but we know it's hard to really accept it and apply it to oneself.

So what can we do to don't stress ourselves and be motivated for a longer time? Start having the right need to be cool with yourself. Appreciate your being and show yourself some love! You can practice that with daily rituals, so your heart, body and mind get used to that step by step.

"To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself." -Tich Nhat Hanh 

As soon as you learn to accept yourself and you start becoming your own fan, it is so much easier to succeed! I guess this is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

So what about those daily rituals? How can I practice these? 
  • The first and easiest thing you can do is start the day with deciding to be in a good mood! With that attitude you are more relaxed and nothing can stress you out! Maybe you don't really know what's best for you or what actually makes you happy - write a happy list or a to do list for your day so you know about the day that is ahead of you and you surely know what kind of benefits that day has in store.
  • With setting goals you can be even happier, because you may do things of which you have never thought before. Best example right here would be exercising. I can support that argument, because I experience that every time I go running. With exercising you get to know your limits, but it's even better to reach new goals and that makes you feel like you could conquer the world.
  • Working out is also the perfect example to spend quality time with yourself. Believe me, everyone needs that! You have to get to know yourself! Plan a date with yourself or do whatever you like to do and enjoy this moment to the fullest.
  • Of course you don't have to be alone by yourself all day, but to not kill your mood make sure to only surround yourself with positive people. People who are moody and complain all day might kill all the vibes and this is negative energy you don't need! 
  • A ritual that I personally like is meditating. It's up to you if you start your day like that or if you practice that at the end of your day in a quiet and chilly way. Create a playlist with some happy tunes that get you into the right mood, so you forget about anything negative. If you decide to meditate in the evening, it's the perfect timing to also reflect. Did you enjoy your day? Was there stuff you could have changed or do better? You can write those thoughts down and see everyday what you need to change or work on.
  • At the end, here is another super easy ritual that can help you - sleep! Sleep is so important for your whole system. Make sure to have sleep ritual - go early to bed or at least sleep more than 5 hours. You will wake up super relaxed and your body is ready to have an awesome day! 

With those little rituals you can really succeed in whatever you have in mind - just do it & happy Valentine's Day!
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