Freitag, Januar 16

10:12 AM It was clear that one day I will additionally focus a little bit more on sports and a healthy lifestyle, since I am already writing about sports brands and I also wear them on a daily basis, so why not? Don't worry, I won't tell you boring things or just write about detox water all day, haha. This post today is dedicated to one of the greatest highlights of 2015. My sister and I are going to be in Berlin in June! Nike hosts several 10k runs through all Europe and we decided to take part in our capital.

I discovered my passion and love for running and I have only been to Berlin twice, so it's a great opportunity to push myself beyond the limits and also enjoy Berlin during the Summer while we sweat our asses off. Sounds perfect to you? Go to Nike and check out all the events and register online. Maybe we will see each other in Berlin in June or in another city, who knows? Go and push yourself!!! #WERUNBERLIN. Picture via.
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