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Where am I based? Born and raised in Mannheim, Germany. Now going back and forth from Germany to New York. 
Why is this site called Off Color? I like colors, but sometimes colors restrain me to see the essential. I want to show you a world which I like a lot, but I don't want to set any rules or limits within it. You as a reader are free to find your own definition and likes - you set the rules. If I see it blue, you are invited to see it yellow. I don't care, just as long as you dare to celebrate creativity, too! 
As a photographer, what camera do I use? I mostly use my Nikon D5100, but you can also find me taking pictures with an analog Canon EOS 500. 
Am I open to cooperate on special projects? Hell yeah. I am open to any creative ideas, or also I will help brainstorming to create a cool project. What I love: talking about products, shooting lookbooks or outfits, trying recipes, slurp milkshakes and encourage to be more active - no matter what! I draw, I shoot, I film and I talk a lot - so we will definitely find a way! Pitch your ideas to and let's discuss! I can't wait hearing from you! 
Tips for blogging beginners? There is no tip. Just do it! No matter what you want to present, share it and don't be scared to show the world who you are! 
Do I illustrate the things here by myself? Of course! Everything you can see on this site is made by myself. The music mixes, the photos, illustrations...I love using any kind of creative outlet to inspire all of you lovebirds out there!
How did I become more active? And am I really a runner? Yeah, yeah. I often hear the same questions  and people don't expect me to be an active nerd. I got curves and I don't look like all the fitness junkies out there. Fact is, I learned and I taught myself a lot about food and it's influence on our bodies. Being active helped me surviving during bad times and it made me a better person, I guess. With sport you can learn a lot about life in general and it helps you understand yourself better as well! How can someone be more active? Good q! You have to take the first step and then everything else will work out! I started walking more, or going to work by bike. Then, I tried running and with running I learned about other kind of sports to help my running condition: yoga, boxing, swimming. Life is a training, running is a training - I am the student and I will constantly learn. 
Which is my favorite milkshake flavor? Chocolate, of course. 
Can I ask more questions? Sure! Holla at me via Twitter, Instagram, or write me a love letter. You can also find my email above - write your questions down and I will answer back as fast as I can! Thank you ~ 
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